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Mar 10, 2009

Rep. Patrick McHenry: Politics First, North Carolina Last

McHenry Admits His #1 Goal is to Win Back Power at Any Cost


So much for pretense.


Rep. Patrick McHenry confessed that he has no intention of doing what's right for North Carolina and declared his top goal is winning back power at any cost.


In a recent interview, Rep. McHenry admitted that he won't be helping to rebuild the economy, create jobs, or make America more secure because "we will lose on legislation." Instead, he bragged, "our goal is to bring down approval numbers for [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and for House Democrats."


"Rep. McHenry's brazen disregard for the well-being of hardworking North Carolinians is stunning," said Jessica Santillo, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Instead of polishing his image as a ‘Just Say No,' mascot, Rep. McHenry might want to try helping the struggling homeowners and former textile workers who are trying to support their families."


The North Carolina Congressman's hyper-partisan "Just Say No" dogma has been on full display.  He voted to block economic recovery efforts that will create or save 105,000 jobs in North Carolina, help responsible homeowners stay in their homes, cut taxes for hardworking Americans, and put North Carolinians back to work. 




  • Rep. McHenry told the National Journal, "We will lose on legislation. But we will win the message war every day, and every week, until November 2010.  Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and for House Democrats. That will take repetition. This is a marathon, not a sprint." [Politico, March 9, 2009]




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