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Oct 21, 2013

Rep. Denham Getting Hammered at Home For Voting to Keep the Shutdown Going and Cause a Debt D

Congressman Jeff Denham’s vote last week to keep the government shutdown and to allow a debt default continues to reverberate back home. Local news stories are highlighting Congressman Denham’s reckless position, and editorials are skewering his vote that threatened the country’s economic future.

See the latest headlines and editorials for yourself.

  • Denham Votes “No” on Bill to End Shutdown [Turlock City News, 10/17/13]
  • Modesto Bee Editorial: Our View: Denham disappoints with his vote to continue shutdown [Modesto Bee, 10/17/13]
  • Eggman: Denham's Vote “Reckless” [Turlock City News, 10/18/13]
  • Rep. Jeff Denham could be in eye of storm over shutdown vote [Fresno Bee, 10/18/13]
  • Fresno Bee Editorial: Defenders of a fool's errand should be held accountable [Fresno Bee, 10/21/13]