Campaign 2010

Sep 04, 2013

Reliable Right Wing Rubber Stamp Steps in to Fill Bill O’Brien’s Shoes

As soon as Bill O’Brien came to terms with reality and stepped aside in the Second District Congressional race, Gary Lambert stepped in to fill the void and carry the torch for the Tea Party and the far right wing establishment. During his short career in the State Senate, Gary Lambert proved that he was a reliable rubber stamp for Bill O’Brien and Jeb Bradley’s extreme right-wing agenda. Lambert consistently joined the far right leaders of his party, voting to kill jobs and hurt New Hampshire’s middle class families. Lambert also has a long record of putting his own personal social ideology ahead of New Hampshire voters and repeatedly sided with the Tea Party to oppose a woman’s right to chose and deny marriage licenses to same sex couples.

“With Tea Party radical Bill O’Brien out of the race, the extreme right found their guy to carry the torch in his place: Gary Lambert,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “During his career in the State Senate, Gary Lambert was a reliable rubber stamp for Bill O’Brien, Jeb Bradley, and their radical policies that hurt New Hampshire’s middle class families by killing jobs, cutting health care and slashing education.  New Hampshire voters won’t be fooled by another out-of-touch candidate with a track record of ignoring his constituents in order to advance his party’s radical ideology.”


Lambert Voted to Consider Restrictions on Women’s Health Services. In 2012, Lambert voted for a bill restricting a woman’s right to choose. According to the Portsmouth Herald, “The House voted 189-151 to send House Bill 1659, the Women's Right to Know Act, to the Senate. The bill would require pregnant women to wait 24 hours and certify they have been given information on fetal development before getting an abortion. Women would also be required to receive explicit information about the fetus and to view pictures and a video on the issue. Violating the law would be a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Violating the law would be a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.” Lambert voted against a measure that would’ve prohibited consideration for HB 1659, the measure was approved 12-11.  [HB 1659, Vote #69, 4/25/12; Portsmouth Herald, 3/15/12]

Lambert Voted for Budget That Halved State Education Funding, Raised University System Tuition Rates by More than 10 Percent and Eliminated Hundreds of Jobs. In 2011, Lambert voted for the extreme Republican budget that slashed funding for critical state programs, including education. According to the Associated Press: “Facing a deficit cresting $40 million, the increasingly conservative New Hampshire Legislature yesterday slashed state funding of higher education in half while lowering cigarette levies. Billing it as a return to fiscal sanity, state Republicans trumpeted the budget’s fiscal restraint, noting that it does not boost taxes or fees. Spending by state agencies would be reduced by 11 percent, more than double the 5 percent cut Democratic Governor John Lynch recommended. The $4.42 billion spending plan passed both chambers of the Legislature by veto-proof margins; Lynch has not indicated whether he will endorse it. […] State support for the University System of New Hampshire will shrink to about $52 million from the current $100 million. Next year, the university system’s overall operating budget will total $419 million. The diminished funding means the cost of attending a New Hampshire public college or university will rise as much as 10 percent. But that’s not enough to cover the loss in state dollars. So university trustees plan to bridge the gap by eliminating more than 200 jobs, curbing employee benefits, delaying facility repairs, dipping into rainy day funds, and trimming other costs.” [Associated Press, 6/23/12; HB 1, Vote #91, 6/22/11]

Lambert Voted for “Right to Work” Legislation. In 2011, Lambert voted for a bill that the New York Times reported would “prohibit unions from collecting mandatory fees and disallow collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join a labor union. The State Senate passed the bill Wednesday — by a veto-proof vote of 16 to 8 — that would make New Hampshire the 23rd right-to-work state, and the first in the Northeast. The House passed a similar bill in February.” [New York Times, 4/21/11; HB 474, Vote #45, 4/20/11]

Lambert Opposed Gay Marriage and Did Not Think New Hampshire Should Grant Marriage Licenses to Same Sex Couples. According to a Project Vote Smart “Political Courage Test,” Lambert opposed granting marriage licenses to same sex couples. [, accessed 9/03/13]