Campaign 2010

Sep 14, 2010

Reid Ribble Wants To Eliminate Social Security

Reid Ribble (R-WI-08) is so out of touch, he wants to dismantle Social Security – the very safety net Wisconsin seniors rely on every day after a lifetime of hard work and paying into the system.  Reid Ribble even called these critical benefits that Americans of all ages have rightly earned and deserve a “Ponzi scheme.” 

“It is only day one of this election, and already Reid Ribble owes Wisconsin seniors an answer for wanting to dismantle Social Security and take away the guaranteed retirement benefits they have earned and deserve,” said Gabby Adler, Midwestern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “After a lifetime of hard work and paying into the system, it is an insult to Wisconsin Seniors for Reid Ribble to call Social Security a Ponzi Scheme.  Reid Ribble’s plan to end Social Security isn’t only out of touch, it is just plain wrong for Wisconsin.”


Reid Ribble on Social Security:  “we have to establish a phase out of the current Social Security system to a new system that will have to happen over time…I envision a shift in how that system works so that by the time you get there you’re not only responsible for your own but we’ve made tax law available to help you be responsible for your own, and that the government can’t take that money from you and give it to somebody else. That is in fact a Ponzi scheme.” [Fox Valley Initiative Candidate Forum, Appleton WI,  11/03/09]