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Feb 25, 2013

Quick Take: Tea Party Republican Congress Too Extreme for Other Republicans

Tea Party Speaker John Boehner and Republican Leader Eric Cantor just finished a press conference on the damage from the sequester that Republicans refuse to stop.


From Emily Bittner, DCCC National Press Secretary:


“This Tea Party Congress has gotten so extreme they’ve even stopped listening to their own party. Instead of trying to work on a solution to the job-killing sequester, they held a tone-deaf press conference today signaling zero willingness to sit down at the table and compromise. We have four days left until the sequester hits, and Tea Party Congressional Leaders refuse to take a balanced approach that would cut wasteful spending on giveaways like corporate tax loopholes for Big Oil companies. Even Republican Governors know that Tea Party Republicans aren’t showing leadership – but they haven’t gotten the message.”


A reminder of what Republican Governors have advised Congressional leaders in the past few days:


  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: “We’re not here speaking on behalf of Republicans on the Hill, we’re speaking on behalf of Republican governors…. The difference is, we’re providing leadership.” [Politico, 2/25/13]