Campaign 2010

Jul 11, 2014

QUICK CLIP: DCCC Chairman Israel Highlights Republicans’ Lawsuit to Distract Voters

On MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports today, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel highlighted Republicans’ midterm strategy to distract voters by suing the Obama Administration.

Chairman Israel said: “For as long as you have a Republican majority that insists on suing the President, that refuses to pass an immigration bill, that refuses to pass an infrastructure bill, that refuses to do almost anything, this is what the American people can expect, but it is not what the American people deserve. And we know why they are doing this. These are not principles. These are political strategies. They are doing these things in order to excite their base in a midterm election and turn them out. The problem with that strategy is it's actually having the effect of exciting the Democratic base and Independent voters who just don't want the Republican Congress to be suing another branch of the government.”