Campaign 2010

Feb 20, 2014

QUICK CLIP – DCCC Chairman Israel: Democrats Successful Because Americans Are Standing With Us

On MSNBC’s Jansing & Co. this morning, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel said that the committee’s fundraising success is proof that grassroots Democrats are motivated and that Americans know Democrats on are their side.

Chairman Israel said: “We’re shattering all records. What do I attribute it to? People are with us. People understand that a Democratic majority will increase the minimum wage, that we have their backs, that we have the right priorities, that we want to invest in the economy, infrastructure, education. While Republicans have been so reckless and so irresponsible in this war on women, passing bills to further erode women’s rights to choose, subsidizing special interests. So our supporters are fired up. They are with us, and in particular, our grassroots. Now our grassroots, they are so animated right now. They understand that it’s just 17 seats, is the difference between what we have now and what we can have.”


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When it comes to House retirements Chairman Israel also said: “It’s the Republicans who are in trouble because of the departure of Republicans in competitive districts. When you really look at the math, there’s the myth and there’s the math. Here’s the math: 11 Republican districts are now in play because of Republican incumbent departures; three Democratic districts are in play because of Democratic incumbent departures. I’d rather them have 11 and us have three—I’ll take that any day. So our battlefield is expanding, the Republican battlefield [means] they’re on defense more, and why? Because if you are a moderate Republican in a moderate district, you can’t take it anymore. The Republican caucus has already said to you, leave, exit, there’s the door. We don’t want you—and that’s why they’re departing in this exodus.”