Campaign 2010

May 12, 2014

QUICK CLIP: DCCC Chairman Israel Calls on House Republicans to Stop Using Benghazi As Political Stra

On MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner today, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel discussed how the NRCC continues to use the select committee on Benghazi as a campaign strategy instead of a fair and balanced investigation.

Chairman Israel said: “We will participate Select Committee if we have a process that is fair, balanced and legitimate if it’s an inquiry. But Republicans have shown us up until now is that they're interested in a campaign strategy. They have actually raised money on this Select Committee. The National Republican Congressional Committee had an online solicitation based on this Select Committee. They have pre-determined the outcome. Every indication is that they do not want this to be an inquiry, they want this to be a campaign strategy.”

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Chairman Israel continued: “Still in all, this is a decision that our caucus will make collectively and we're still waiting. We are at the table waiting for the Republican leadership to tell us if this going to be a fair process that the American people deserve or is this going to be an unfair process that is engineered as a campaign strategy.”