Campaign 2010

Jan 14, 2014

QUICK CLIP: DCCC Chairman Israel: “Are you on the side of the middle class?”

On MSNBC LIVE this morning, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel outlined the contrast between the wrong priorities of Congressional Republicans and those of House Democrats who stand with the middle class.

Chairman Israel said: “It is imperative Richard – the President said, ‘I have a pen, I have a pulpit, I have a phone’ and Republicans in the House said, ‘that’s great, we have our special interest PACs and we will flood the zone with our special interest money to block unemployment insurance, to block an increase in the minimum wage, to stop an immigration bill, to divest from the middle class.’”



Watch here:

Chairman Israel continued: “It is critical that people understand that the next ten months, and the next two and a half years is going to be about ‘whose side are you on?’ Are you on the side of the middle class? Are you on the side of somebody who lost a job through no fault of his own who needs a little bit of a bridge to find another job or are you going to continue to defend 40 billion dollars in subsidies to big oil companies? This is about the contrast and I welcome the fight over those contrasts.”