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Mar 08, 2013

QUICK CLIP: Chairman Israel Calls for Compromise to Keep Creating Jobs

On MSNBC’s Jansing and Co. this morning, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel called on Tea Party House Republicans to come to the middle on commonsense solutions that will create jobs, not eliminate them.

Chairman Israel said, “Look, we just picked up 236,000 jobs. That’s good news. We need to continue to grow our economy and add more jobs on that foundation. Why would we want to insist on a policy that independent observers say will actually deflate the economy and cost jobs? We can do this, Chris. It doesn't require any quantum leap. All we’re saying is that we’ve got to do a big bold bargain, we’ve got to do a grand solution to this, but it's got to be based on common sense.”


Watch here:

Chairman Israel continued: “Anytime that people are talking, it’s a good sign – but you also need people to listen. Consistently, at every point over the past several years since the Tea Party brought us to cliffs, and crisis and chaos, the President has offered compromise. He’s offered conversations on entitlement reform. We’ve actually voted to reduce spending by over a trillion dollars. We know that we’ve got to find a solution that’s got to be based on commonsense compromise. We’re looking for a few Republicans in the House of Representatives who will meet us halfway. If we can get just a few, I think we can get this done.”