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Mar 21, 2013

QUICK CLIP: Chairman Israel Calls for a Solutions-Based Budget

On MSNBC’s News Nation this afternoon, just after House Republicans pushed through another radical budget, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel called for a solutions-based plan that takes a balanced approach, protects the middle class and invests in the right priorities.

Chairman Israel said: “When Paul Ryan – in that footage that we just saw – says that they want to balance the budget and we don’t, either he’s not listening or he’s purposely evading the truth. We both want a balanced budget; the issue is, how do you balance it? Democrats believe we should have a solutions-based budget that does three things. Number one: that it takes a balanced approach to reducing debt, because we’ve got to reduce debt. Number two: that is fair to the middle class. Their budget is completely unfair to the middle class. Number three: that invests in the right priorities, the smart priorities. Their budget completely divests from the right priorities.”

Watch here:

Chairman Israel continued: “The bottom line is this: when times are tough and a family is sitting at their table trying to figure out what to cut, you know, they have a choice: do we cut going to an expensive restaurant, or do we cut sending our children to college? Democrats believe you cut going to the expensive restaurant and you keep investing in education. What this Republican budget says is: no, let's keep going to the expensive restaurant. And that restaurant is handouts to big oil companies, continued loopholes for special interests. [...] Those are the budgets that we ought to pass and those are the budgets that most Americans agree with.”