Campaign 2010

Mar 25, 2010

Questions for Charles Djou

At today’s candidate forum, Charles Djou will almost certainly try once again to obscure his Washington Republican connections and his record of serving corporate special interests, not the needs of families in Hawaii. 


But the last time all the candidates met, Djou made a straightforward pledge:

“…if you ask me a straight question, you ask me what my position is on a particular matter, I will give you a straight answer.”


So, Charles, we’ll take you up on your offer.  We’re anxious to hear your responses.


  1. Do you support the repeal of recently-passed health insurance reform legislation that will close the Medicare donut hole, prevent insurance companies from denying or cancelling coverage because you get sick, and cap out-of-pocket healthcare expenses?


  1. After you recently flirted with a yes answer, will you finally admit that you support privatizing Social Security, subjecting seniors’ benefits to the whims of the stock market and greedy Wall Street traders and cutting benefits for those currently under 55 – just like your Washington Republican friends do?


  1. Do you support privatizing Medicare, providing vouchers for older Americans to purchase private insurance and “end[ing] the program as we know it for all Americans younger than 55” just like House Republicans do?


  1. According to the Honolulu Advertiser, the economic recovery act created or saved over 3,000 jobs during the last quarter of 2009 – including over 2,000 teaching jobs.  How could you argue that saving those teaching jobs wasn’t the “wisest way” to spend funds?