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Feb 09, 2006

NEW WEB AD: Deborah Pryce - Rubber Stamp for George Bush and the Special Interests

DCCC Press

Feb 9, 2006

NEW WEB AD: Deborah Pryce – Rubber Stamp for George Bush and the Special Interests

New DCCC Web Ad Shows Pryce Supporting Risky Social Security Privatization, Blindly Approving Special Interest Budget and Consistently Putting George Bush and Campaign Contributors Ahead of Ohio Families

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Bush/Wall Street Social Security Privatization Plan

  • Not only did Deborah Pryce support President Bush's risky privatization scheme, she wrote the Republican playbook on the plan that could have created up to $2 trillion in debt and done nothing for the long term solvency of Social Security.

    GOP/Special Interest Energy Bill
  • $14.6 billion in giveaways to energy companies while gas prices and home heating bills are higher than ever before.

    GOP/Special Interest Medicare Bill
  • Some seniors are expected to pay more in deductibles and more in premiums, pay for coverage when they are receiving none and some may even lose coverage altogether.

    GOP/Special Interest Budget
  • Current and future Ohio students could be affected by the $12.7 billion raid on student aid.
  • Ohio will face the loss of over $570 million in child support enforcement cuts over 10 years.
  • $22 billion in giveaways to HMOs.
  • Seniors on Medicaid could lose their nursing home care.

  • (Washington, D.C.) – Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a new web ad showing Congresswoman Deborah Pryce as a rubber stamp for the special interest agenda of George Bush. Deborah Pryce led the fight in the Republican Congress to privatize Social Security despite the fact that if it passed it would have driven America deeper into debt and done nothing for the long term security of Social Security. Pryce also supported the latest budget which gave away $22 billion to HMOs, cut student aid by $12.7 billion, and raided child support enforcement.

    The budget vote is just one moment in a career of Pryce putting the special interests ahead of Ohio families – just as she did when she voted for the special interest energy bill that does nothing to lower gas prices or home heating costs and the Medicare bill which forces some seniors to pay more for coverage, and in some cases lose coverage all together. On all of these votes, Deborah Pryce has chosen to toe the line of George Bush instead of supporting Ohio families. The new web ad shows Pryce’s blind loyalty to the Bush/special interest agenda and the real world impact of her choices.

    "The new web ad shows that Congresswoman Pryce's choices have consistently put the special interests and her political party ahead of Ohio interests. Ohio deserves a member of Congress who stands up for their interests and not the special interest contributors who fund her campaign accounts," said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Pryce's wrong choices on these important investments affect the families she represents every time they fill up their cars, pay their home heating bills, try to get their prescriptions filled or pay the tuition for their kids' college education."

    Deborah Pryce's Rubber Stamp Record

    Pryce Voted for Final $40 Billion Budget Cut Bill. In 2006, Pryce voted for the conference agreement to cut mandatory spending programs by $39.7 billion over the next five years. Due to the billions of dollars in tax cuts passed separately, the budget reconciliation package would increase the deficit. The measure cut nearly $13 billion from federal student loan programs, $7 billion from Medicaid that included increased cost-sharing and premiums for the poor, $1.5 billion from child support enforcement and $2.7 billion from initiatives that help the nation's farmers. The bill also repealed a program - known as the Byrd amendment - that helped local employers injured by unfair trade. The measure did not touch a $5 billion HMO slush fund established by the 2003 Medicare bill, and after intense lobbying from the health insurance industry, the budget saves HMOs $22 billion dollars. [H. Res 653, Vote #4, 2/1/06]

  • Pryce Took Over $37,000 From HMOs. In her campaigns for Congress, Deborah Pryce has raised $37,550 from HMO interests according to the Center for Responsive Politics. [Center for Responsive Politics,]

    Pryce Voted for Sham Republican Drug Plan, Giving Billions to Drug Makers. In 2003, Pryce voted for the Republican Medicare bill. According to a study by Alan Sanger of the Boston University School of Health this legislation would result in $139 billion in new profits for drug makers. The bill "restricts importing less expensive drugs from Canada and other countries, prohibits beneficiaries from buying supplemental insurance to meet the cost of drugs not covered by Medicare, prevents the government from negotiating drug prices with manufacturers and reduces coverage for some poor people whose drug costs are now paid by Medicaid." The Pryce Medicare bill will also lead to annual increases in premiums and deductibles and a growing gap in coverage for prescription drugs. [HR 1, CQ Vote #669, 11/22/03, Alan Sanger, Boston University School of Public Health, 10/31/03; New York Times, 12/9/03 & 3/20/04; Associated Press, 11/26/03]
  • Pryce Took Over $145,000 From Big Drug Companies. In her campaigns for Congress, Deborah Pryce has raised $145,920 from the pharmaceutical industry. [Center for Responsive Politics,]

    Pryce Voted for Final Energy Bill that Gave Billions to Oil, Gas and Nuclear Industries. In 2005, Pryce voted for the energy conference report that exempts oil and gas industries from some clean-water laws, streamlines permits for oil wells and power lines on public lands, and helps the hydropower industry appeal environmental restrictions. One obscure provision would repeal a Depression-era law that has prevented consolidation of public utilities, potentially transforming the nation's electricity markets. It also includes an estimated $85 billion worth of subsidies and tax breaks for most forms of energy -- including oil and gas, "clean coal," ethanol, electricity, and solar and wind power. The bill included $2 billion for "risk insurance" in case new nuclear plants run into construction and licensing delays. And nuclear utilities will be eligible for taxpayer-backed loan guarantees of as much as 80 percent the cost of their plants. The bill passed, 275-156. [HR 6, Vote #445, 7/28/2005; Washington Post, 7/30/05]
  • Pryce Took Over $153,000 From Big Energy, Including Almost $65,000 from Oil and Gas Companies. In her campaigns for Congress, Deborah Pryce has raised $153,170 from energy company PACs and employees, including $64,917 from oil and gas company PACs and employees. [Center for Responsive Politics,]