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Mar 02, 2006

Rubber Stamp Again! GOP Votes Against Port Security Investigation

DCCC Press

Mar 2, 2006

Rubber Stamp Again! GOP Votes Against Port Security Investigation

In Their Latest Vote, Congressional Republicans Voted Against a 45-day National Security Investigation Into the Deal That Sent Control of American Ports to a Company From the United Arab Emirates

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(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Republicans in Congress voted against investigating a critical ports deal that affects our national security. In what is just the latest example of the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress, Republicans blocked Democratic efforts to require a vote on a plan to require a 45-day investigation on the sale of American port operations from a British company to a company from the United Arab Emirates. It is important to remember that the U.A.E. is not only one of three countries in the world (along with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) that recognizes the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, but they also a key transfer point for illegal shipments of nuclear components to our enemies.

"The Republican Rubber Stamp block of a serious and thorough congressional investigation only shows that their pre-9/11 world view is putting American ports at risk," said Bill Burton, communications director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Unlike the Republican Congress, Democrats have a post-9/11 worldview and know that it is wrong to blindly trust a state that recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan to oversee our ports."

Republicans in Congress – Consistently Voting to Put Our Ports at Risk:

Republicans Rubberstamp an Effort to Block Congressional Oversight on National Security. Today, Republicans in Congress voted against an in-depth 45-day national security investigation of the proposed acquisition of certain U.S. port terminal operations by DP (Dubai Ports) World -- a company owned by the government of United Arab Emirates. Following the 45-day investigation, the bill would require, within 15 days, a report to Congress providing the detailed findings of the investigation and the Presidential determination. Congress would then have 30 days to review the material and hold a fair, up or down vote on the port deal. [H Res 702, Vote #18, 3/2/06]

Republicans Voted to Kill An Amendment to Add $250 Million for Port Security Grants. Republicans voted to kill a Democratic amendment that would add $2.5 billion for homeland security, including $250 million for port security grants, $800 million for first responder grants, and $150 million for research to develop capabilities against chemical weapons. [HR 1559, Vote #104, 4/3/03]

Republicans in Congress Voted Against Increased Port Security. In 2005, Republicans voted against an alternative Homeland Security Authorization proposal that would commit $41 billion to securing the nation from terrorist threats - $6.9 billion more than the President's budget. The proposal called for an additional $400 million in funding for port security, including $13 million to double the number of new overseas port inspectors provided for in the President's budget. The proposal addressed the holes in securing the nation's ports by requiring DHS to develop container security standards, integrate container security pilot projects, and examine ways to integrate container inspection equipment and data. Finally, the plan required DHS to conduct a study of the risk factors associated with the port of Miami and ports in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, including the U.S. Virgin Islands. The alternative plan failed, 196-230. [HR 1817, Roll Call #187, 5/18/05; Committee on Homeland Security Minority Office,]