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Jul 09, 2008

Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, and These Snap Shots of Oberweis Show the Four-Time Loser

Dairy magnate and perennial loser of elections, Jim Oberweis is resorting to his old playbook of using his business to get ahead in politics. In a mischievous attempt at trying to "re-introduce" himself to the voters of Illinois' Fourteenth Congressional District, Jim Oberweis was recently caught on camera passing out coupons for ice cream from his company, Oberweis Dairy, while soliciting votes. Clearly, all Jim Oberweis has to offer voters is a summer treat with extra sprinkles.


"Out of touch and out of ideas, it seems the only thing Jim Oberweis has left to offer voters is a discounted ice cream sundae from his dairy empire," said Ryan Rudominer, DCCC Midwest Regional Press Secretary. "But, all the ice cream in Illinois can't hide the fact that voters have rejected Jim Oberweis four times for his long history of deceiving voters and for being out of touch with middle class families."




During the IL-14 special election to fill the seat vacated by Former Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert, several complaints were lodged against Jim Oberwies.


  • The DCCC filed a complaint on 3/7/08 with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Jim Oberweis, the Republican Congressional candidate in IL-14, and Oberweis Dairy.The complaint alleged that Oberweis benefited from Oberweis Dairy resources when the Dairy filed and promoted a frivolous lawsuit against the DCCC for its ads hitting Oberweis on his hypocrisy of using polarizing rhetoric on illegal immigration while benefiting from illegal immigrants' labor.



  • Oberweis' ad was pulled from Chicago TV stations for violating FCC laws on 2/27/08. [Daily Herald, 2/29/08]


  • The FEC has previously sanctioned Jim Oberweis and Oberweis Dairy and fined them $21,000 for illegally using corporate resources for campaign purposes. [Associated Press, 7/27/07]