Campaign 2010

Jul 31, 2014

Paul Chabot Named Hand-Picked Darling of Washington Republicans

Washington Republicans just named Paul Chabot as one of their hand-picked darlings to join the most reviled club in America: their Congress. Chabot was promoted to “on the radar” in the “Young Gun” dog-and-pony show by pledging to continue this Congress’s out-of-whack priorities that put special interests and the ultra-wealthy ahead of middle class families.

“It’s no surprise that Washington Republicans are clamoring for ‘proud tea party member’ Paul Chabot to join their club: he has pledged to prop up their out-of-touch agenda that stacks the deck for the ultra-wealthy and special interests at the expense of the Inland Empire’s working families,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Luckily for the people of the Inland Empire, Washington special interests and their billionaire cronies don’t get to pick their representative -- ‎ the voters do, and they will make clear this fall that they don’t want to send a far-right special interest shill like Paul Chabot to Washington to be another rubber stamp for this reviled Congress that hurts the middle class.”