Campaign 2010

Jan 21, 2010

Parker Griffith: For Universal Health Care Before Hes Against It

Democrats reacted to the announcement by former Democratic Congressman Parker Griffith that he signed the Club for Growth’s pledge to repeal any health insurance reform legislation which expands health care to more Americans. The Huntsville Times reported a story in May of 2006 titled “Griffith calls for universal health care.” Griffith has also recently changed his party affiliation and reneged on a commitment to return campaign contributions.


“North Alabama families are quickly learning not to trust anything Parker Griffith says. Four years ago, Parker Griffith was preaching the gospel of universal health care and now he’s pledged to undo any progress we make on health insurance reform. Watching the pace at which Parker Griffith changes his positions for political reasons could give someone whiplash,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Only two years ago, Representative Griffith represented the Democratic Party on the ballot and said he supported universal health care, yet now that he’s joined the ranks of the Republican Party and is against health care reform. And, just one month ago, he pledged to return campaign donations and this month he refused to.




Griffith calls for universal health care

By: Challen Stephens

[Huntsville Times, 5/31/2006]


Starting last year, Parker Griffith draped himself over the political meetings and community gatherings of northern Madison County.


Shaking hands with Huntsville police officers at a memorial service. Helping citizens at an Alabama A&M University forum prepare a list of covenants to improve black neighborhoods. Hosting a Christmas get-together for the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Always pitching universal health care. To retirees. To northeast Huntsville homeowners. To PTA parents. To all who would listen.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield has a monopoly on health insurance in Alabama, he said, and this state can change that by following Massachusetts in offering guaranteed coverage and, therefore, better preventive care for all residents.