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May 12, 2008

Ozinga Ordered by Judge to Appear in Court After His Affidavit Contradicted by Five Witnesses

Ozinga Sparks New Questions about Willingness to Game  the System at Public’s Expense


This past Friday, political insider and concrete mogul Martin Ozinga III unsuccessfully attempted to get out of a deposition involving his concrete empire, which is suing to force an 83-year old farmer to sell his family farm. After Ozinga’s statement under oath was contradicted by five witnesses, Ozinga was ordered by the Court Friday to give a deposition which is scheduled for later this month.


“Concrete mogul Martin Ozinga III is the consummate political insider who has made a career of gaming the system and engaging in the pay to play politics that Illinois struggling middle class families have grown to resent,” said Ryan Rudominer,  Midwest regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Ozinga needs to immediately come forward and finally tell the truth about the growing number of ethical and legal questions raised by his inside deals  -- this latest report of him possibly lying under oath is no exception." 




·         According to news accounts, “After hearing five people had directly contradicted statements Ozinga made in a sworn affidavit, Circuit Judge John Barra denied his lawyer's request to block the deposition and ordered it to go forward later this month.” [The Peoria Journal Star, 5/12/08]


·         Concrete mogul and consummate political insider Martin Ozinga III said that pay to play has, “been an interesting experience of ours.” [The South Town Star, 5/1/08]


·         Ozinga’s concrete firm Ozinga Bros. was the focus of a 2005 Chicago Tribune investigation that documented how his company created a sham business to exploit a City of Chicago affirmative-action program, made thousands in political contributions, and won lucrative contracts. [The Chicago Tribune, 1/27/05]