Campaign 2010

Dec 08, 2010

Outsourcing Supporter Dave Camp Selected for Ways and Means Chair

"Where are the jobs?" That was the incessant battle-cry heard from House Republicans during the campaign. But that didn’t stop an internal committee of House Republicans from recommending that Representative Dave Camp Chair the Ways and Means Committee, despite his record of voting to protect loopholes that reward big corporations for shipping American jobs overseas.  The unemployment rate in Camp’s home state is 12.8 percent, higher than the national average.

Now, Freshmen House Republicans, who promised to make job-creation their top priority, have a big choice to make. They must decide whether to stay true to their campaign promises about creating jobs here at home or support a Ways and Means Committee Chairman who is synonymous with helping to send jobs and tax revenues overseas.

"During the campaign, Republican candidates made a lot of promises to create jobs here at home, but now they’re faced with the choice of having a well-known protector of corporate tax loopholes that help send American jobs overseas to head the tax-writing Committee in the House," said Ryan Rudominer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Just ask hardworking families in Michigan, where the unemployment rate is 12.8 percent, how effective Representative Dave Camp has been at creating jobs at home. Voters will be closely watching this early test of whether freshmen Republicans are really committed to creating jobs here at home or continuing to protect big companies that profit more by shipping them overseas."


Representative Dave Camp’s Record of Protecting Companies Outsourcing Jobs:

  • In 2010, Representative Dave Camp voted against cracking down on companies that take advantages of loopholes in the foreign income provisions of the tax code which makes it more profitable for them to outsource jobs. The bill would prevent corporations from using current U.S. foreign tax credit rules to subsidize their foreign activities.
    • "It pays for the creation of those jobs [in the bill] by saying that those who outsource those jobs can’t get off the hook and have to pay their taxes,” said New Jersey Rep. Robert E. Andrews. [CQ Today, 5/28/10]

    • The bill passed, 215-204. [HR 4213, Vote #324, 5/28/10]
  • In 2010, Representative Camp voted against closing tax loopholes for multinational corporations and extending increased Medicaid assistance and education funding to states.
    • The bill extended the increased federal matching payments of the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage program provided for under the economic stimulus law for an additional six months. It also provided $10 billion in supplemental appropriations for education to assist in hiring and retaining teachers and other public school employees.

    • The $26.1 billion cost of the bill was offset in part by terminating increased food stamp benefits, provided by the stimulus law, and by closing use of the foreign tax credit by multinational corporations. Closing those loopholes would raise approximately $10 billion in revenue. [CQ Bill Analysis, 8/11/10]

    • The bill passed, 247-161, and the President signed the bill into law on August 10, 2010. [HR 1586, Vote #518, 8/10/10]

Representative Dave Camp’s Record of Allowing Companies to Send Tax Revenue Abroad:

  • In 2010, Camp voted against stopping companies from sending tax revenue to other countries to avoid paying taxes.
    • The provision required U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies to pay taxes they could previously avoid by sending the funds to another country. The provision was expected to raise $7.7 billion over 10 years.

    • The provision paid for a $16.8 billion package that would help small businesses grow and hire more workers by extending Build America Bonds and extend tax incentives for to encourage small business formation. [CQ Today, 3/24/10]

    • The bill passed, 246-178. [HR 4849, Vote #182, 3/24/10]