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Oct 08, 2013

One Week In and Not One Word from Tony Strickland About the Shutdown

For the past week, Congressional candidate Tony Strickland has refused to let Californians know whether he supports the government shutdown, and apparently eight days isn’t enough time for him to come up with an answer. On the biggest issue facing the country today, Strickland is hiding from Californians who are demanding a reasonable solution to this crisis.

“Republicans in Congress have pushed the shutdown into a second week, and Tony Strickland still won’t tell Californians whether he would join in the efforts to recklessly keep this crisis going,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Californians looking for leadership and for reasonable problem-solving can skip right past Tony Strickland; on the biggest challenges we face, Strickland stays silent.”


“California Tea Party Supporters Revel in Role in Government Shutdown.” Their partisans in Washington have shut down the government and, as the debt ceiling deadline nears, have given much of the country a case of the shakes. But these are heady times for the  tea party. ‘It’s amazing how we can be completely irrelevant and shut down Congress at the same time,’ one of the movement’s early organizers, Mark Meckler, chortled at a Saturday evening gathering at the weekend state Republican party convention in Anaheim.” [LA Times, 10/06/13]

“House GOP Owns the Consequences of Reckless Government Shutdown.” “They can spin it all they want, but House Republicans manufactured the crisis that now threatens to shut down the federal government and wreak havoc on world finances. Unless they budge, they will go down in history as hostage takers willing to tank the economy if their demands are not met.” [Sacramento Bee, 10/01/13]

“The GOP’s Shutdown Sham.”  “Unlike the GOP's previous flirtations with a government shutdown, this fight isn't being waged in the name of lower deficits and debt. It's just a desperate attempt to score political points against the Affordable Care Act before it goes fully into effect and the benefits become clearer. As House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-Ky.) said over the weekend, "It's unfortunate that yet again we are in this situation facing another shutdown showdown with no solution to our many fiscal problems in sight." He can thank his colleagues in the House GOP for that.” [LA Times, 10/01/13]