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Apr 30, 2014

Once Again, Millionaire Partydude Stewart Mills III is Out of Step with Republicans on Minimum Wage

Millionaire Partydude Stewart Mills finds himself on an island over his opposition to raising the minimum wage yet again– this time as former Minnesota Governor and fellow Republican Tim Pawlenty called for an increase in the minimum wage today.

“Millionaire Stewart Mills’ opposition to raising the minimum wage – even as he claims to be find it ‘personally offensive’ when the wealthy are asked to pay their fair share – makes it crystal clear that he’s disconnected from reality,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Stewart Mills is looking out for the wealthy and the special interests, not Minnesota’s middle class families.”


Former Minnesota Governor Pawlenty Supported a Minimum Wage Increase. In  2014, former governor Tim Pawlenty said, “If you’re going to talk the talk about being for the middle class and the working person if we have a minimum wage, it should be reasonably adjusted from time to time.” [The Hill, 4/30/14]

  • Headline: Pawlenty: GOP should back wage increase [The Hill, 4/30/14]

Mills Says it’s “personally offensive” to Claim the Rich are Undertaxed. In June 2013, Mills was personally offended at claim that the wealthy did not pay enough taxes. “What happen in the last couple elections, where you have folks saying that the wealthy are not paying their fair share that there are all these loopholes and they don’t pay any taxes and we have to make them pay more.  Well you know what… we’ve paid all of our taxes, we reinvest the money that we make into our business.  We provide jobs for people, we provide health insurance for people. We are part of this community and then beyond that we support community and civic endeavors.  We donate to charity, we help with events, we do a lot of things for this community, and to be singled out as a deadbeat, is personally offensive,” Mills said.  [Crow Wing County GOP 2nd Amendment Rally, 7/20/13]

Mills Called Raising the Minimum Wage and Extending Unemployment Insurance an “Admission of Failure.” In 2014, Mills called raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment insurance a “stunning admission of failure.” [Star Tribune, 1/9/14]

Three Minnesota Republicans Supported Raising the State Minimum Wage to the Federal Level. In 2014, Republicans Senator Paul Gazelka, Representative Ron Kresha and Senator Carrie Ruud, “all said they’d support conforming to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. In Minnesota minimum wage is $6.15 for large employers; $5.25 for small employers; with a training wage minimum set at $4.90 per hour.” [Brainerd Dispatch, 1/23/14]

  • Headline: Lawmakers consider minimum wage hike proposals [Brainerd Dispatch, 1/23/14]

…The Same Three Republicans Endorsed Stewart Mills III. According to a Stewart Mills press release, Republicans Senator Paul Gazelka, Representative Ron Kresha and Senator Carrie Ruud all endorsed Stewart Mills III. [Mills for Congress, accessed 1/28/14]