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Apr 21, 2008

On Earth Day David Cappiello & President Bush Share Disregard for the Environment

Countdown to the President’s Visit: 4 Days

David Cappiello announced he invited unpopular President Bush to Connecticut for a $10,000 per person fundraiser the day before Earth Day. We know David Cappiello will be stuffing his pockets with Big Oil and lobbyist money on Friday when President Bush comes to town, but what is State Senator David Cappiello doing to honor America’s natural resources?


Connecticut families shouldn’t be fooled by David Cappiello’s doubletalk,” said Carrie James, Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “One day David Cappiello is preaching that he represents change and the next he’s standing side by side with an unpopular President Bush at the mere cost of $10,000 per person.  Earth Day is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to protect our natural resources and invest in clean energy alternatives.  Another status quo Republican like David Cappiello who adheres to President Bush’s failed economic policies and is beholden to Big Oil will certainly not fight to make our country more energy independent.  Having taken thousands from Big Oil companies, David Cappiello is sure to continue the failed legacy of George W. Bush by protecting Oil Companies at the cost of middle class Americans.” 


What Middle Class Americans could do with $10,000

  • 2,712 gallons of gas [AAA, 4/21/08]
  • 2 years of in-state tuition at the University of Connecticut
  • Nearly two years of health insurance [Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation]

What Republican Donors are Buying with their $10,000

  • Another cycle of leaders ignoring the Global Warming crisis
  • Another status quo politician
  • Sky rocketing gas prices that only continue to rise


David Cappiello’s Record on the Environment

  • In 2007, Cappiello voted against a bill that would temporarily ban gasoline producers and refiners from establishing price zones when selling to retail distributors. [HB 6980, RC# 433, 5/31/07]
  • In 2007, Cappiello voted against a bill that would provide a rebate of up to $500 for the purchase and installation of certain replacement home heating equipment. It would also require the Energy Conservation Management Board to report back on the cost-effectiveness of the rebate program by the beginning of 2009, among other provisions. [HB 7432, RC# 482, 6/02/07]