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Sep 17, 2008

On Day of Market Meltdown, Keith Fimian (VA-11) Called Economy Strong

In an interview with a Virginia blog on Monday, Republican candidate Keith Fimian (VA-11) insisted that the economy was strong as historic losses were faced on Wall Street and major economic institutions continued to fall.  Fimian said in a recorded interview: "We're very blessed because we have a strong economy overall," and that our country has "the best, most vibrant, most dynamic economy in the world."


"Keith Fimian is not just extreme on important issues, but obviously completely out of touch as well.  As middle class families in Northern Virginia face serious concerns about their economic stability and future, Keith Fimian has the audacity to claim that the economy is strong," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC.  "The people of Virginia's 11th District need a leader like Gerry Connolly who has a record of economic development for the area, instead of someone so out of touch they say America's economy is strong on the day of a market meltdown."




  • Discussing the economic crisis, Keith Fimian said in a recorded interview with the blog Bearing Drift: ""We're very blessed because we have a strong economy...It is still the best, most vibrant, most dynamic economy in the world." [Click here to listen to the audio of the full 9/15 interview, cited remarks at 5:33]


  • "Wall Street had its worst day more than six years after hectic and historic weekend brought the quick demise of two of America's oldest and best-known investment banks. Stocks dropped dramatically -- with the Dow closing down 504.48 points -- after 158-year-old brokerage firm Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy this morning and the other Wall Street stalwart, Merrill Lynch, was sold to Bank of America for $50 billion." [Pain Continues on Wall Street as Lehman Goes Bankrupt, and Merrill Sold to BofA, ABC News, 9/15/08]