Campaign 2010

May 12, 2010

OH-18 Republicans Battered And Bruised

OH-18 Republicans Battered And Bruised

No Matter Who Wins The Drawn Out Primary, The Fact Is That Four Out Of Five Republicans Voted For Someone Else

The results of the crowded GOP primary in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District remain undecided, but one thing is certain: no matter if Fred Dailey or Bob Gibbs is declared the nominee, they are hardly a winner.  In fact, as the unofficial results currently stand, both Gibbs and Dailey barely cracked 20% of the vote, meaning four out of five voters cast a ballot for a different candidate.

"Both Bob Gibbs and Fred Dailey are limping to the finish line, and whoever crosses first is hardly a winner," said Gabby Adler, Midwestern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Republicans in the 18th District are fractured because of a field of flawed candidates, and the eventual nominee will suffer from a serious lack of legitimacy."


According to the Ohio’s Secretary of State’s unofficial results for the 18th District, Bob Gibbs received 10,953 votes or 20.97%.  Fred Dailey received 10,789 votes or 20.66% [Ohio Secretary of State]