Campaign 2010

Sep 08, 2008


Committee Fails to Check Its Own Candidate's Record On Tax Rebates

Today, the NRCC sent out a release regarding Iraq war veteran and candidate for Congress Ashwin Madia's latest television ad.  Madia is on the record supporting tax cuts for middle class families, but the NRCC couldn't even get that right.  Not only did they get Madia's position on taxes wrong, but they failed to even check their own candidate's record.


Embarrassingly, the NRCC must have missed that conservative Republican candidate for Congress Erik Paulsen opposes the tax rebate National Republicans criticized Madia for opposing.  According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Paulsen also criticized the Bush-approved federal tax rebates, saying that they will increase the budget deficit..." [4/20/08].  


 "Ashwin Madia has been clear in his commitment to protecting the middle class," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Ashwin stands by his commitment to the middle class-unlike State Representative Erik Paulsen who has spent his career fighting for the wealthiest Americans while middle class Minnesotans struggle to afford record high gas prices, increasing health care costs and groceries.  National Republicans should check their own candidate's records next time."