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Apr 11, 2008

NRCC Hits Republican Congressman and Candidate in New Ad

Republicans Alexander and Steve Scalise Voted for Bills Used in NRCC Attack



In a new television ad released today by the NRCC for the LA-06 Special Election, National Republicans use the same cookie-cutter attacks they normally use.  However, the NRCC  failed to do its homework or they would have  known  that Republican Congressman Rodney Alexander (LA-05) and Republican Candidate Steve Scalise (LA-01) voted for many of the bills mentioned in the ad.


“Are Republicans planning to run ads throughout Louisiana against Congressman Alexander and Steve Scalise, who also voted for the very bills they’re using in their baseless attack against Don Cazayoux ?” asked Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “The NRCC knows that Don Cazayoux is a stronger candidate whose values better fit the district.  Yet again the NRCC didn’t do its homework.  If the NRCC had a better understanding of Louisiana, they wouldn’t have attacked the very Republican Member and candidate that they are supposed to help.”




Of the four votes cited in the NRCC’s new ad in LA-06, Congressman Alexander voted for all of them and Republican candidate Steve Scalise voted for two of them:


  • Congressman Rodney Alexander voted for HB 124 (3/30/00), HB 299 (6/7/00), HB 140 (6/7/00), and HB 169 (6/12/02).


  • State Representative Steve Scalise voted for HB 140 (6/7/00), and HB 169 (6/12/02).