Campaign 2010

Nov 08, 2012

NRCC #Fails

Throughout this election cycle, the National Republican Congressional Committee was full of bravado and bluster to brag, boast and crow about their Young Guns and top-tier challengers like Ricky Gill (CA-09), Richard Tisei (MA-06), Mia Love (UT-04) and others. Republicans spent over $10.2 million trying to elect these much-hyped challengers and convinced the pundits to tout them as rising conservative rock stars.


When the votes were counted Tuesday night one thing became clear about these challengers: NRCC #FAIL. Republicans had pledged to pick up seats this cycle - Speaker Boehner and NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions said it was the goal – but the failure of their “top tier” candidates explains part of why they failed.


Take a look at a few examples for yourself.


Mia Love (UT-04) The NRCC promoted Love as a rising star, gave her a prime speaking spot at the Republican National Convention and talked a big game about being in position “to pick up the seat and retire Jim Matheson.” The NRCC even spent almost $2 million for Love.


Outcome: She lost. NRCC #Fail


Richard Tisei (MA-06): The NRCC spent over $1.5 million on Tisei who they said represented “the GOP’s best opportunity to be a Democratic incumbent” and that he “would be that one person who stands a great chance of beating an incumbent Democrat.”


Outcome: He lost. NRCC #Fail


Ricky Gill (CA-09): The NRCC spent almost $2.5 million on 25-year-old Gill who has never held a full-time job and inflated his resume to mislead voters. Whip Kevin McCarthy called Gill a “very big rising star in the Republican Party” and the NRCC called him an “absolute rock star” and said he is one of the “top races that we feel we have a great opportunity to put in the Republican column.”


Outcome: He lost. NRCC #Fail


Abel Maldonado (CA-24): The NRCC invested almost $800,000 on Maldonado who owed more than $4 million in back taxes, and the committee touted him as“one of its best hopes to turn a Democratic-held seat Republican.”


Outcome: He lost. NRCC #Fail


Lee Anderson (GA-12): The NRCC spent about $1.7 million on prized challenger Lee Anderson in what they called an “extremely important race” and said he would win because he reflected the “conservative vein” that runs through Georgia.


Outcome: He lost. NRCC #Fail


David Rouzer (NC-07): The NRCC spent over $1.8 million on lobbyist David Rouzer and Leader Eric Cantor’s super PAC touted Rouzer as a “young conservative star.”


Outcome: He lost. NRCC #Fail


The bottom line is that the NRCC talked a big game about their top challengers but despite backing from House Republicans they fell flat on Tuesday night, leaving Republicans shocked and pointing fingers.