Campaign 2010

Jun 09, 2010

NRCC Backed Candidates Once Again Rejected by Voters

After a month of self-inflicted wounds and strategic mistakes, four more members of the NRCC Young Guns program lost their races last night to non-NRCC chosen candidates. NRCC Recruitment Chair Kevin McCarthy also suffered a setback when the candidate he endorsed, Richard Pombo, finished third in his primary. With Richard Pombo’s loss, House Republicans not only failed to bring back one of their former members who was directly complicit in President Bush’s failed policies, but they were also rebuked by voters for trying to restore their culture of corruption.


Additionally, Virginia Republicans Robert Hurt and Scott Rigell both failed to capture fifty percent of the vote in their primaries and now face Tea Party candidates running against them in the general election as Independents.


Richard Pombo (CA-19)

  • NRCC Recruitment Chair Kevin McCarthy’s endorsed candidate Richard Pombo, the former disgraced Republican Congressman, came in third place in a four-way Republican primary with only 20.8% of the vote  [CQ Politics, 1/11/10] [Central Valley Business Times, 6/9/10].


Jim Gibbons (IA-03)

  • Jim Gibbons, a highly touted member of the NRCC Young Guns program, suffered a double digit loss in his seven person Iowa primary. [AP, 6/9/10]


Blake Curd (SD-AL)

  • Blake Curd, a member of the NRCC Young Guns program, finished third in the South Dakota primary with only 23 percent of the vote and was the only NRCC chosen candidate in the race. [The Washington Post, 6/9/10] [Real Clear Politics, 6/8/10].


Rob Gettemy (IA-02)

  • Rob Gettemy, a member of the NRCC Young Guns program came in dead last in a four way primary with only 13 percent of the vote to three non-Young Guns. [CQ, 4/19/10], [AP, 6/9/10]

Matthew Berry (VA-08)

  • Matthew Berry, a member of the NRCC Young Guns program, lost to a non NRCC backed candidate. [The Sun Gazette, 6/9/10]

Below are the other NRCC chosen candidates that have lost their races in 2010

IL-14 – Ethan Hastert (February 2, 2010), NRCC Young Guns program

KY-03 – Jeff Reetz (May 18, 2010), NRCC Young Guns program

PA-12 – Tim Burns (May 18, 2010), NRCC candidate

PA-04 – Mary Beth Buchanan (May 18, 2010), NRCC candidate

ID-01 – Vaughn Ward (May 25, 2010), NRCC Young Guns program

AL-05 – Congressman Parker Griffith (June 1, 2010), NRCC candidate