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Jun 03, 2008

Notorious Connecticut Mobster James Galante Pleads Guilty: Cappiello Has Some Explaining to Do

The Truth Won't Get Locked Up in Galante's Prison Cell


Today, known mobster James Galante will finally plead guilty to a stunning array of federal charges.  His buddy, Dave Cappiello, who accepted $15,000 in illegally funneled campaign contributions from Galante and thanked him with bottles of wine, has some explaining to do about his ties to known mobster, James Galante.
In addition to federal racketeering and tax fraud charges, Galante was charged with three counts of making illegal contributions to politicians and three counts of corrupt practices under state election law.  Cappiello was one of the recipients of Galante's generosity.
"The truth about Dave Cappiello's relationship with James Galante won't get locked up in the prison cell with the convicted mobster," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "There's no way to hide the fact that David Cappiello has a close relationship with James Galante.  Cappiello bestowed him with honors, took illegal campaign contributions and provided him with gifts in exchange."

There's what we know and the unanswered questions....since David Cappiello has "nothing to hide" now is the time to answer questions about his ties to James Galante. (Connecticut Post, 10/13/07)

  • Was David Cappiello worried that a September trial would have devastated his bid for Congress?
  • Will Cappiello be named in the plea bargain? 
  • Would Cappiello have been called to testify if this went to trial?  After all, Cappiello broke the law, but only Galante who was charged. 
  • What was discussed in Cappiello's conversations with federal investigators regarding the illegal campaign contributions? 


What we know of Galante and Cappiello's friendship:

  • 2007 -- After a story broke about his PAC receiving Galante money, Cappiello lied about when he donated the money to charity.  (Hartford Courant, October 13, 2007) (Associated Press State & Local Wire, October 12, 2007) (
  • 2007 -- Cappiello was Against New Plans to Regulate Refuse Industry.  After Galante's indictment, Cappiello opposed proposals for licensing trash haulers.  (Danbury News-Times, June 12, 2007)
  • 2004 -- Cappiello Voted Against Reforming "Evergreen" Contracts.  One of the abusive features of Galante's company contracts were "evergreen" clauses, which he used in Connecticut even after such contracts had been outlawed in Westchester and New York City.  In 2004, Cappiello voted in Judiciary Committee against SB 399, "An Act Concerning... Automatic Renewal of Consumer Contracts." (  (New York Times, August 12, 2001)
  • 2002 -- Cappiello solicited James Galante to contribute $100,000 at a Red Cross Fundraiser that raised $117,000.  Cappiello and DeLuca repeatedly worked together in soliciting and honoring Galante; both were members of the "Italian-American Legislative Caucus." 
  • 2002 -- Cappiello took $15,000 in illegally funneled money from Galante for his State Senate PAC.  Cappiello spent $202 at Danbury wine & liquor to thank Galante with "bottles of wine or champagne" (Hartford Courant, October 12, 2007) (, November 5, 2007) (Hartford Courant, October 12, 2007)
  • 2002 --  Italian American Legialtive Caucus, of which Cappiello is Treasurer, gives Galante its highest award.  The ceremony was held in a room off the legislative chambers, just over two years after Galante had served time in Prison for tax evasion.  (Danbury News-Times, 3/29/02) (Hartford Courant, 9/19/99)