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Apr 14, 2014

No Time to Read? Zeldin and Demos Still Refuse to Take a Stand on Republican Budget

Almost two weeks after the Republican budget was released, State Sen. Lee Zeldin and George Demos are both still refusing to take a position.  Zeldin's excuse; he claims he hasn’t had the opportunity to read it.  While Zeldin says, “there will be components of it that I will like, that I will love…” he refuses to talk specifics – leaving voters wondering what he’s hiding.  

Based on Zeldin’s track record of supporting tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy on the backs of the middle class, it’s obvious what he would like and dislike about the Republican budget:

Like: Tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the middle class;  

Love: Ending the Medicare guarantee; and

Doesn’t Like: Going on-the-record on his indefensible positions.

“It’s unclear why both State Sen. Zeldin and George Demos are refusing to go on-the-record on the Republican budget when it contains the same toxic elements they have repeatedly supported in the past,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “What is clear is that they are both prolonging the inevitable: New Yorkers deserve to know what level of damage both would inflict upon middle class families, students and seniors with their flawed priorities.”   


Zeldin “Balked” at Endorsing Republican Budget, Said There Would Be Parts that He “Will Love.” “State Sen. Lee Zeldin would not embrace Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan last week when asked about it in a telephone town hall meeting two days before the House vote. ‘I’m not prepared to blindly endorse any type of a budget proposal right out of the gate before I have the opportunity to read it’ […] Ryan’s proposal, Zeldin added, ‘is something that I’m going to spend a lot of time looking through and getting smart on. I’m sure that there will be components of it that I will like, that I will love, and that there will be other components of it that I may have some concerns about.’” [Newsday, 4/13/14]

Demos Declined to Comment on Republican Budget.“Zeldin’s GOP primary opponent George Demos, who has been attacking Zeldin for not fighting hard enough to stop Obamacare, declined comment.” [Newsday, 4/13/14]