Campaign 2010

Apr 15, 2014

No More Excuses: DCCC Sends 39 Republican Candidates A Copy of Their Republican Budget

After dodging reporters’ questions about Washington Republicans’ budget, Republican candidates across the country are running out of excuses to hide where they stand on their party’s spending priorities. To help them make a decision, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent 39 Republican candidates in 24 districts a hard copy of the entire 102-page Republican budget.

“Republicans running for Congress around the country are throwing out a lot of excuses about why they won’t weigh in on the Washington Republican budget – but now they can finally stop hiding because they will have a copy at their fingertips,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “In 102 simple pages, this budget lays out in gory detail how it stacks the deck for special interests while raising costs on people who have to work for a living – now all these Republican candidates have to do is read it and come clean about how they would vote.”

A sample of the cover letter is available below, and a link to the budget is available here.

Dear Martha McSally:

We know you want to be part of Republicans in Congress, but we heard you weren’t sure about how you would vote on their central idea: the Republican budget that stacks the deck for special interests at the expense of hardworking families. We enclosed a copy for your convenience, so that you can finally get back to the people of Arizona on your position.


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee