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Jun 04, 2012

No-Show Noem Struggling to Defend Her Attendance Record

Ever since Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s poor attendance record in committee meetings in Congress was revealed, she has struggled to defend herself. At first she refused to speak publicly about the issue, but now Congresswoman Noem is running radio ads in a failed attempt to prove she is working for South Dakota. Unfortunately for Congresswoman Noem, the only evidence she can list to prove she is “effective” is passing a bill that the Rapid City Journal called “unnecessary” and a “waste of time.”


“Congresswoman Kristi Noem can’t defend her attendance record in Congress because she broke her promise to be a strong voice for South Dakotans,” said Stephen Carter, Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It’s not surprising Congresswoman Kristi Noem is running scared when the only accomplishments she can point to are gridlock and partisan point scoring, forcing seniors to pay more for Medicare, and a bill that the Rapid City Journal called ‘unnecessary.’”




Congresswoman Noem Has Been Skipping out of Ag Committee Meetings. “Of 20 committee and subcommittee meetings held since Noem’s appointment in June 2011, South Dakota Democratic Chairman Ben Nesselhuf said she’s attended four. […] Of six conservation subcommittee meetings, there’s a record of Noem attending only one, Democrats say. A record shows her at a livestock meeting. That came April 26 when she was being profiled by a network news channel. Of nine full committee meetings, there is record of her in two.” [Argus Leader, 5/13/12]


Following Criticism, Congresswoman Noem Ducked into Hiding. In May, KELOLAND reported, “When KELOLAND News attempted to speak with Representative Noem about this issue, we were told she was unavailable Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.” Again, the Argus Leader noted, “Noem’s office did not reply to requests for comment on this story.” [KELOLAND, 5/15/12; Argus Leader, 5/13/12]


Even Began Airing Radio Ads to Defend Her Absenteeism. In response to charges she was missing an inordinate amount of committee meetings, Congresswoman Noem began airing radio ads that attempt to defend her committee participation, citing her “effectiveness” like passing legislation to keep Washington from regulating farm dust. [KELOLAND, 5/13/12]


Rapid City Journal Called Congresswoman Noem’s Defining Piece of Legislation “Unnecessary” and a “Waste of Time.” In December 2011, the Rapid City Journal Editorial Board wrote of Congresswoman Noem’s signature piece of legislation, “outlawing nonexistent farm dust rules is a waste of time that could be better used to pass an actual farm bill or jobs bill that helps move the economy forward. On this issue, Rep. Noem and her colleagues are making a mountain out of a pile of dirt.” The newspaper also called her farm dust bill just “unnecessary.” [Rapid City Journal Editorial, 12/13/11]