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Jun 07, 2006

New Jersey Primary Results

DCCC Press

Jun 7, 2006

New Jersey Primary Results

TO: Political Reporters, Interested Parties
FR: DCCC Communications
DA: June 6, 2006
RE: New Jersey Primary Results

“It’s time for new priorities in Washington and with candidates like Paul Aronsohn, Albio Sires and Linda Stender, New Jersey voters will get a chance to make a change this November,” said Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “With the news today that Republicans in Congress want to bring back their risky plan to privatize Social Security, it has never been more important that we change the priorities in Washington. New Jersey families are sick of the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress that walks in lock-step with President Bush on limiting stem cell research, doing nothing to fight the record prices at the pump and the war in Iraq.”


For the first time in years, Rep. Mike Ferguson, R-7th Dist., faces a challenge from a formidable opponent — state Assemblywoman Linda Stender, D-Union, a harsh critic of the war in Iraq who has been playing on themes including stem-cell research and affordable health care. – Home News Tribune, April 17, 2006

*This year, Republican incumbent Mike Ferguson faces both intense anger over GOP performance in Washington and an aggressive challenger in State Assemblywoman Linda Stender, a popular veteran of state and local politics who was overwhelmingly re-elected to her third term in the New Jersey Assembly in 2005. Today’s results only reinforce the trouble Mike Ferguson will have on his hands in November.

*The most recent polling in this district shows strong dissatisfaction with the Republican status quo. Democrats have a 3 point generic ballot lead over Republicans in this traditionally GOP-leaning district.

*Ferguson has been a loyal rubber stamp for the Bush agenda, supporting the President’s extreme positions on issues like stem cell research and the Medicare prescription drug plan. Bush’s unprecedented unpopularity will continue to be a drain on Ferguson as he has to defend vote after vote in support of an agenda that is out of touch with New Jersey families.


*National Republicans know that Scott Garrett’s extreme record makes him vulnerable. The NRCC has already placed him on their watch list of districts they believe to be vulnerable.

*Paul Aronsohn’s campaign is gathering momentum as big Democratic names are stepping forward to help him raise critical resources. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is holding a fundraiser for Aronsohn in June and former White House press secretary Mike McCurry and Gov. Richard Codey have also raised money for Aronsohn’s campaign.


“The Republicans have no chance of capturing this seat in November.” –Roll Call, May 22, 2006

State Assembly member Albio Sires emerged from tonight’s primary with a clear majority of the vote. In a heavily Democratic district that voted overwhelmingly for both Kerry and Gore, Sires is well-positioned to run a strong campaign and be elected to represent the families of New Jersey’s 13th district this November.