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Feb 12, 2009

New York Times Exposes Taxpayer Funded Perks for Albany GOP, Prompts More Questions for Jim Tedisco

Another day, another story about Albany politicians abusing taxpayer's dollars by lavishing perks on themselves.  First, it was revelations about career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's taxpayer funded perks which include cars for him and his staff, gasoline, and mailers that help his campaign.  Then this morning the New York Times reported on a vast array of recently uncovered taxpayer funded perks that had been abused by Albany Republicans.  Lawmakers discovered the abuses while surveying state expenditures as they seek to scale back spending in the midst of New York State's budget crisis.   


"Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco has some explaining to do about his taxpayer funded perks.  While Tedisco and his staff are cruising around in taxpayer funded cars, today it is revealed that Albany Republicans have lavishly spent even more tax dollars on themselves and New Yorkers are being asked to suffer huge tax hikes to foot the bill," said Jennifer Crider, the Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "We already know Albany politician Jim Tedisco has racked up tens of thousands of dollars in charges on cars, gas, and mail at the expense of taxpayers - what other perks has Jim Tedisco been abusing and how big a tax hike will Upstate New Yorkers face to pay for them?"


The New York Times reported today that while New York State was in a budget crisis and may be facing bankruptcy, Albany Republicans lavished perks on themselves, including "a $50,000 specially outfitted GMC van;" a "small television studio, which had been set up - all with public money, with two press aides on hand to help operate it - for the exclusive use of Republican senators to record cable TV shows;" and a lavish "printing plant" where constituent mail was produced and sent. [New York Times, February 12, 2009]


While Republicans wildly spend taxpayer money on themselves, the "state is financially pressed, and the public is being asked to pay hundreds of millions of dollars more in taxes." 


"Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco has no problem exploiting taxpayer funded cars and gasoline even though Upstate New Yorkers are left footing the bill," said Crider.  "Upstate families are hurting, the last thing they need is career politician Jim Tedisco to bring his Albany ways to Washington."