Campaign 2010

Aug 27, 2014

New Web Video: Why We Can’t Trust Carlos

With the general election now underway in Florida’s 26th Congressional District, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is releasing a new web video: “Why We Can’t Trust Carlos.”

The video highlights Carlos Curbelo’s record of putting himself, his paying lobbying clients and his partisan allies like Mitt Romney over South Florida families. The video highlights Curbelo’s most recent scandal: his refusal to disclose his lobbying clients following a Miami New Times report that Curbelo “has a history of approving contracts for campaign donors.”

“Carlos Curbelo puts one person first: Carlos Curbelo,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Whether Curbelo is hiding his lobbying clients, funneling millions of tax dollars to his campaign contributors or pushing the agenda of his allies like Mitt Romney to stack the deck against the middle class, Curbelo puts his own political ambitions first – which is why South Florida families can’t trust Curbelo in Congress.”   




Miami New Times Headline: “GOP Frontrunner Carlos Curbelo Has a History of Approving Contracts For Campaign Donors.” “Between 2010 and 2013 Curbelo, while representing District 7 on the board, voted roughly a dozen times to award school board contracts to companies that had donated a total of $25,450 to his well-funded 2010 school board campaign.”  [Miami New Times, 6/12/14]

Curbelo  Said We Should Send All Children Caught in the Border Crisis Back to Their Home Countries. Last Sunday on This Week in South Florida, asked if he thought we should repeal DACA, Curbelo said: “With regards to these children, as a school board member, I know just how big of a crisis this is, and what a cost and a toll it take on our community. These children, we have to recognize that they’re victims, but we have to send them back delicately and with the dignity that they deserve to their home country… there should be basic due process, but the end should be to reunite all these children with their families in their home countries. If we do otherwise, we are going to send a message that will only invite more children.”  [This Week in South Florida, 8/17/14]

Curbelo Supported the FY2015 Republican Budget. In 2014, Curbelo supported the FY2015 Republican budget, saying “While I have not fully reviewed this budget I'm inclined to support it.” [Miami Herald, 4/03/14]