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Sep 04, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Rep. Jeff Denham’s Extreme Record on Immigration Now a Hurdle to Reform

As the House of Representatives returns from its five-week August recess, Congressman Jeff Denham continues to damage prospects for comprehensive immigration reform. Even after meeting with numerous supporters of comprehensive reform, Congressman Denham still opposes the bipartisan Senate bill, has done nothing to push Republican leaders in the House to take action and stands by his virulent anti-immigrant record.

Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a web video detailing Congressman Denham’s history of immigration extremism, support for hard-line stances that divide families and hurt businesses and workers, and his refusal to push for the bipartisan Senate solution.

“Jeff Denham: Opposed to Immigration Reform”



“Jeff Denham’s extreme views on immigration show why we can’t count on him or his House Republican leaders to fix our broken immigration system,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “When it comes to immigration, Californians can’t trust Jeff Denham to get reform passed and get the job done.”


Washington Post: “House GOP Puts Immigration on Back Burner.” “Prospects for an immigration overhaul have dimmed over the summer congressional recess, as a newly crowded agenda damps what already was tepid interest among House leaders in taking up the issue..[..] as the House prepares to reconvene next week, GOP leaders have no plans to bring immigration bills to the floor, aides say.” [Washington Post, 9/03/13