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Mar 05, 2009

New Video Emerges of Jim Tedisco Blasting Democrat for Not Knowing How She She Stands on Recovery

Hypocrisy Alert: New Video Emerges of Career Albany Politician Jim Tedisco Blasting Democrat for Not Knowing How She Stands on Recovery Package


"I don't know how she stands on the stimulus package on the federal level; I don't know how she stands on foreign policy...I'd like to know the answers to those questions.  I'd like to know what her plans are to help Upstate New York create jobs."


--Career Albany Politician Jim Tedisco on Caroline Kennedy, January 13th, 2009


Now, twenty days after Congress passed President Obama's economic recovery act and two days after being pressed to finally give voters an answer at Tuesday's AARP forum, career Albany politician Jim Tedisco still refuses to explain why he won't support the President's plan.  


He did not, however, have any problem holding a different standard at a January press conference where he attacked Caroline Kennedy for not knowing her position on the same legislation. 


"Attacking someone for failing to take a stand on the economic recovery act while refusing to do so himself is just like career Albany politician Jim Tedisco," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "To date, Tedisco has given five different responses to one ‘yes' or ‘no' question and voters are tired of the Albany politicians'  hypocrisy and doublespeak.  It's time for Jim Tedisco to finally be up front with Upstaters ."






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FEB 13th: President Obama's economic recovery package passes House and Senate. On February 13th, the Obama economic recovery plan passed both the House and Senate by wide margins.


FEB 13th: Murphy announces support for President Obama's recovery bill, Tedisco silent. On February 13th, Murphy announced that he would vote in favor of the conference economic recovery plan if he was in Congress.  


In news articles about Murphy's announcement, Tedisco would not say how he would vote on the recovery. [The Hill, 2/13/09; Glens Falls Post-Star, 2/13/09]


FEB 13th: Tedisco attacks non-existent mice funding, stays silent on overall bill. On February 13th, the Daily Gazette posted Tedisco's response to the stimulus bill and his attack on it for allegedly providing funding for mice research in San Francisco.


Tedisco did not say how he would vote on the bill. [Daily Gazette, 2/13/09]


Tedisco's argument about mice was shown to be "false" according to the St. Petersburg Times and many other news organizations. "There's no money in the bill for mice," the Times reported. [St. Petersburg Times, 2/13/09]


FEB 16th: Tedisco calls passed recovery bill "hypothetical," said he can't read it. On February 16th, Tedisco again refused to say how he would have voted on the Obama recovery bill, which had passed Congress three days earlier.


He told the press that asking how he would have voted was a "hypothetical question" and continued for five minutes without answering how he would have voted on the bill.


He said that the bill was too long for him to read and come to a conclusion on. "Eleven-hundred pages would be impossible," Tedisco said. [Politicker NY/NY Observer, 2/16/09]


FEB 17 th: President Obama signs recovery bill. On February 17th, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in Denver, CO.


FEB 18th: "Still No Word from Tedisco" on recovery package. On February 18th, Tedisco refused to tell the Glens Falls Post-Star how he would have voted on the recovery package.


"Still no word from Tedisco on whether or not he'd vote on the stimulus package," according to the Post-Star.  [Glens Falls Post-Star, 2/18/09]


FEB 19th: Times-Union: Tedisco "Can't Be Serious" on recovery plan.  On February 19, 2009, the Albany Times-Union attacked Jim Tedisco's refusal to take a position on the economic recovery package saying "he can't be serious." They wrote, "That Mr. Tedisco would suggest that his position on what just might be the most contentious issue in Washington is a "hypothetical question" raises serious questions about his qualifications to serve in Congress." ­[Times-Union, 2/19/09]


FEB 23rd: Tedisco calls stimulus "hypothetical" in "testy" exchange with New York Times. In a February 23rd interview with the New York Times, Tedisco became "testy" when questioned about the stimulus package. Mr. Tedisco said that if he answered the question, he would only encourage Mr. Murphy to pester him about other positions.


According to the Times:


But on the stimulus package, Mr. Murphy's taunts have turned Mr. Tedisco a little testy.


In an interview after a swing through Lake Placid on Friday, Mr. Tedisco said that he liked the stimulus bill's tax cuts and public works spending but that it was too laden with earmarks. He said he would not answer the "hypothetical question" of how he would have voted on the measure, saying such a question was merely a "diversion" from what he called a more important issue: Mr. Murphy's spotty record of voting in elections.


Mr. Tedisco said that if he answered the question, he would only encourage Mr. Murphy to pester him about other positions: "It won't just be this, it'll be, ‘How would you vote on the war in Iraq?' Those are hypothetical. Not walking into a voting booth that's in front of you is not hypothetical. He really could have voted, and he didn't."


A moment later, Mr. Tedisco accused his interviewer of being "co-opted" by Mr. Murphy. "You're carrying the water on this issue," he said, repeating a phrase he had used against a radio reporter the day before. [NY Times, 2/23/09]


MAR 1st: Schenectady Daily Gazette: Tedisco "Wrong" to not take position.  On March 1, 2009, Jim Tedisco's hometown newspaper criticized his refusal to take a position on the economic recovery bill in an editorial. They wrote, "Tedisco was still stonewalling - implying that it was OK for him not to weigh in on the question because it's already been settled, the legislation having been passed. Well, he's wrong." [Schenectady Daily Gazette, 3/1/09]


MAR 3rd: Tedisco doesn't give position because he is focused on implementation. On March 3, 2009, Tedisco twice refused to take a position on the economic recovery plan when challenged directly by Murphy. He instead said he is focused on "implementing the stimulus package."


According to ABC-Albany:


John McLoughlin: Murphy repeatedly taunted Tedisco for refusing to say whether he would have voted in favor of the $780 billion dollar stimulus plan.


Scott Murphy: Because everybody on the Republican side in Washington is opposed to it.


John McLoughlin : And, as on the campaign, Tedisco repeatedly ignored that issue.


Jim Tedisco: There's only one person at this dais right now who's implementing the stimulus package. That's me. [ABC-Albany, 3/3/09]


MAR 3rd: Tedisco: I'd vote for the recovery plan - but only with amendments. On March 3, 2009, Tedisco told television stations - after an AARP debate where he had repeatedly refused to take a position on the recovery package - that he would have voted for it - but only if it had amendments.


The vote on the Obama economic recovery plan was an up or down vote.


According to Tedisco who was asked again by NBC Albany for his position:


I've always been clear on that, I support a stimulus package with the amendments to take out the waste. [NBC-Albany, 3/3/09]


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