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Dec 12, 2013

New Poll: Congressman Benishek Stands Against Majority of Michigan and Opposes Raising Minimum Wage

Even as new survey data shows that a majority of Michigan voters support raising the minimum wage, Congressman Benishek stands against middle class families and refuses to raise the minimum wage. PPP released polling this week that shows 57 percent of Michigan voters want to raise the minimum wage to $10. ‎On top of that, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll this week also showed that a majority of voters want to raise the minimum wage. Congressman Benishek has consistently shown he has the wrong priorities on the issue, voting against increasing the minimum wage even while he repeatedly protected tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and companies that ship jobs overseas.

“Congressman Benishek’s priorities are out of whack with Michigan's families, after opposing an increase in the minimum wage and protecting special interest tax breaks,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “No matter how you look at it, Congressman Benishek has made it clear he is only standing against the economic security of Michigan’s middle class families so he can protect special interests.”

Congressman Benishek is so proud that he is standing against the minimum wage and has nothing to offer Michigan’s middle class families in return that he’s now telling a Michigan radio station that he’s thankful that “Congress hasn’t passed too many bills” since he was elected in 2010.


Congressman Benishek Voted Against Minimum Wage Increase. In March 2013, Benishek voted against a measure to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour over three years. Upon enactment, the measure would have increased the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.20 within three months. A year from this date, the federal minimum wage would increase from $8.20 to $9.15. A year from this date, the federal minimum wage would increase to $10.10. The measure failed, 184-233. [HR 803, Vote #74, 3/15/13]

  • Economic Policy Institute: Raising the Minimum Wage Would Benefit as Many as 30 Million Americans, Generate 140,000 New Jobs. According to the Economic Policy Institute, “Increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 by July 1, 2015, would raise the wages of about 30 million workers, who would receive over $51 billion in additional wages over the phase-in period. […] Across the phase-in period of the minimum-wage increase, GDP would increase by roughly $32.6 billion, resulting in the creation of approximately 140,000 net new jobs (and 284,000 job years) over that period.” [Economic Policy Institute, 3/13/13]

Wall Street Journal: “Americans Strongly Favor Boosting the Federal Minimum Wage.” In 2013 the Wall Street Journal reported: “Americans strongly favor boosting the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour but oppose raising it above that, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds. In the survey, 63% supported a rise to $10.10 from the current $7.25 rate. Senate Democrats have proposed an increase of that size and it is supported by President Barack Obama.” [Wall Street Journal, 12/11/13]

Congressman Benishek was Thankful Congress has “Not Passed too Many” Bills. In 2013, when discussing passing legislation that’s been read, Benishek said, “Well, at least we haven’t passed too many things since we’ve been in here, since we got the House. There’s been a lot more discussion and there’s been less movement in a situation where we pass something we don’t even read. Now we are discussing a lot of the things that we’re talking about. I’m pretty happy with the progress we’ve made, we got a lot more progress to make.” [The Right Mind, 12/5/13]