Campaign 2010

Oct 18, 2012

New DCCC TV Ad: Ohio Veteran Takes on Congressman Renacci for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure released a second TV ad featuring an Iraq War veteran exposing Congressman Renacci for opposing combat bonus increases for our troops while voting to give himself and other millionaires new tax cuts.  First, Congressman Renacci tried to skip paying more than a million in taxes. Then in Washington, Congressman Renacci supported taking away veterans services while trying to give himself a new tax break.


Voiceover: While serving in Iraq we earned our pay. 

But I don't think you can say the same about Washington politicians like Jim Renacci.

Renacci tried to skip out on paying over a million in taxes. 

But opposed increasing combat bonuses for our troops.

And when Congressman Renacci wants to place tax cuts for himself and his rich friends, and take away veterans services for those serving in country and out of country, I think it's an atrocity.

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