Campaign 2010

Jun 13, 2011

New DCCC Ad Holds Representative Vern Buchanan Accountable for Campaign Finance Scheme

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) today announced a paid advertising campaign to hold Representative Vern Buchanan (FL-13) accountable for what the Federal Election Commission (FEC) called an “extensive and ongoing scheme” of “secret illegal contributions.” The FEC is seeking $67,900 from a car dealership Buchanan used to own after Buchanan’s campaign received illegal campaign contributions that were reimbursed to the employees. Buchanan is currently the Vice Chairman for Finance of the National Republican Congressional Committee.


The DCCC is running this news-weather-traffic radio ad in Florida’s 13th district starting Monday. Text of the ad follows:


"Congressman Vern Buchanan. His old business was caught illegally funneling over sixty thousand dollars in campaign donations to Buchanan to influence his election. Tell Buchanan to come clean.”




WSJ: FEC Seeking $67,900 from Former Buchanan Dealership. In June 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Federal Election Commission is seeking $67,900 from a car dealership once owned by Vern Buchanan for illegal campaign contributions to Buchanan. Employees at the dealership had given to Buchanan’s campaign for which they were later reimbursed. It is illegal for individuals to be reimbursed for campaign donations or for companies to route political contributions through individuals. [Wall Street Journal, 6/1/11]


Herald Tribune: Funneling Donations Allowed for Higher Contributions Than Permitted. In June 2011, the Herald Tribune reported that according to FEC attorneys that by funneling donations through employees of Hyundai of North Jacksonville, Buchanan was able to accept far more money in contributions for his campaigns than he would otherwise have been allowed. [Herald Tribune, 6/1/11]


Company Owner: Buchanan Directed Illegal Scheme. According to the company owner, the illegal scheme was a “directive” issued by Buchanan. He said Buchanan told a group he needed to raise $1 million “to look good.” [Bradenton Herald, 5/31/11]