Campaign 2010

Jul 26, 2010

More Proof Positive That Senator Joe Heck Is A Sharron Angle Candidate

It's no secret that Senator Joe Heck is 100 percent behind Sharron Angle, arguing that Republicans need to "rally around" her candidacy.

The latest evidence?  Heck and Angle are together on their extreme opposition to abortion even in the case of rape and incest – and in agreement that considerations for the life of the mother are "frivolous."

And Heck’s agreement with Angle, his party’s standard-bearer candidate, hardly ends there.  The two are like peas in a pod on privatizing Social Security and Medicare – and ripping the security net out from under Nevada seniors.

Heck and Angle are even together on the need to eliminate the Department of Education.

"Joe Heck’s right-wing views and out-of-touch positions make it clear he wants to work with Sharron Angle to take Nevada in the wrong direction, one Nevadans just can’t afford," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


  • Joe Heck was endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List. [Susan B. Anthony List, 7/21/10]


  • The Susan B. Anthony List supports outlawing abortion and opposes an exception to protect the health of the mother, calling protections for a mother’s health "frivolous." [Susan B. Anthony List, 7/20/10]


  • The Susan B. Anthony List said they have made "Nevada a high priority state" by supporting Heck and Angle. [Susan B. Anthony List, 7/21/10]


  • In an interview on the Alan Stock Show, Angle said that she opposed abortions in cases of rape and incest because “two wrongs don’t make a right.” [The Alan Stock News Show, 6/30/10]


  • In his speech at the Nevada Republican Convention, Heck said Nevada Republicans needed to “rally around” Sharron Angle to “bring a new direction to Washington, D.C.” [YouTube, accessed 7/26/10]


  • In a campaign update email, Joe Heck noted that, "Team Heck is taking a leadership role in uniting the party…" [Team Heck Update, 6/21/10]


  • In May, Heck conducted an interview with Nevada News and Views in which he responded to a question about how to reform Social Security by saying, "I believe that any individual should have the right to voluntarily take their portion of Social Security withholding and invest it as they deem appropriate." [Nevada News and Views, 5/4/10]


  • In 2010, the House Conservatives Fund announced it was endorsing Heck.  In order to be considered for a contribution from the House Conservatives Fund, candidates must fill out a questionnaire and support values consistent with those espoused by the conservative Republican Study Committee, which includes privatizing Social Security and Medicare. [CQ-Roll Call, 3/10/10]
  • Republican Study Committee Supports Social Security Privatization. The Republican Study Committee supports the privatization of Social Security and has been praised by right-wing for their pro-privatization stance. [Freedom Works Release, 3/1/06]
  • Republican Study Committee Supports Medicare Privatization. The Republican Study Committee favors an approach similar to Rep. Paul Ryan’s controversial plan to privatize Medicare by replacing it with private vouchers. [New York Observer, 2/6/10]


  • In a KNPR interview, Joe Heck said, "What Cabinet agency would you get rid of?  I think you can go back and look and say well, you know, there was a huge expansion of the federal Department of Education under Jimmy Carter…What is the purpose of having such a large federal dept of education when education really should be left to the states?" [KNPR, State of Nevada, 5/20/10]