Campaign 2010

May 04, 2010

Mission Impossible: Get An Honest Answer From Career Lobbyist Steve Stivers

As the 2010 general election begins in Ohio, voters in the 15th Congressional will once again play the mission impossible game to determine if Republican Steve Stivers is telling them the truth.  Last election, voters rejected career lobbyist Steve Stivers because they knew he just couldn’t be trusted, and this year he is up to his same old tricks.  Already Stivers has attempted to mislead voters into believing he has Tea Party support, lied about supporting a repeal of the 17th amendment, and attempted to change his position on insurance mandates – now voters are rightly wondering what lie is coming next.

“The challenge now begins: when career baking lobbyist Steve Stivers speaks is he telling the truth, or just what he thinks the voters want to hear,” said Gabby Adler, Midwestern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Voters in the 15th know they just can’t believe a word Steve Stivers said, and are ready and willing to hold him accountable once again for his lack of principles and refusal to speak the truth.”


Last month Republican Steve Stivers and the Ohio Republican Party sent a mailer out with a doctored photo of a recent Tea Party Rally to mislead voters into believing he had secured an endorsement from local Tea Partiers.  [Columbus Dispatch, 4/27/10]

Republican Steve Stivers claimed support of repealing the 17th Amendment on two separate occasions.  The first, which was almost 6 months ago was in a survey authored by a local 912 group, and again when asked by a reporter.  Last week, with the general election in his sights Stivers changed positions, claiming “he made a mistake” and no longer supports a repeal of the 17th amendment which would take away the voters right to elect their U.S. Senators and instead leave it up to state legislators to make appointments.  [Columbus Dispatch, 4/30/10]

The Columbus Dispatch recently revealed that Steve Stivers stated insurance mandates would create a “robust marketplace” as a reason for supporting the proposal in 2008, and in 2010 Stivers is now claiming the proposal is a “job killer.” [Columbus Dispatch, 4/21/10]