Campaign 2010

Mar 25, 2010

Millionaire Tim Burns Wants to Raise Middle Class Taxes

Burns’ Out of Touch Tax Policies Would Only Benefit the Wealthy


Republican Tim Burns (PA-12) is once again going out of his way to prove that he is grossly out of touch with Western Pennsylvania.  The latest example is particularly telling; despite the fact that middle class families are already struggling, Burns has endorsed a risky and radical plan deceivingly called the “Fair Tax” that would enact a 23 percent national sales tax on all goods and services including food and clothing. The plan would dramatically increase the tax burden for middle class families while only benefiting the wealthiest Americans like Tim Burns.  In Pennsylvania, middle income Pennsylvanians would see their taxes increase by $3,818 per year while the top one percent of earners would see their taxes cut by $187,080 a year. 


Tim Burns and his support for this radical tax plan reinforces what everyone already knew about him: the millionaire is out of touch and his personal bank account is the only thing he really cares about.  Prior to backing this radical tax plan that solely benefits the wealthiest Americans like himself, Burns sold his company to get rich despite knowing it could lead to layoffs in Western Pennsylvania. 


“Tim Burns represents exactly what Western Pennsylvania can’t afford right now in Congress: a self serving, out of touch millionaire who only cares about his own bank account,” said Shripal Shah, Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Tim Burns’ radical tax increase plan would have a devastating impact on the middle class. It’s unconscionable that after already showing he could care less about Western Pennsylvania jobs, Tim Burns now wants to implement a tax policy that increases the tax burden on middle class families to benefit the wealthy.”



  • In a May 2009 interview on Front Lines Blog, Tim Burns stated his support for the regressive Fair Tax.  “I would love to ultimately see the Fair Tax implemented,” said Burns. [Front Lines Blog, 5/14/09]


  • According to Americans for Fair Taxation, the group that is backing the effort to impose a Fair Tax, the tax would apply to all goods and services sold at retail.  In a summary of the proposal, the group noted that the 23 percent sales tax would replace the individual income tax, payroll taxes, the corporate income tax, the self-employment tax, and the estate tax. [Americans for Fair Taxation]


  • According to, under the Fair Tax, everybody earning between $15,000 and $200,000 per year would pay more per year while those earning more than $200,000 would see their overall tax burden decrease. In Pennsylvania, middle income Pennsylvania families would see their taxes increase by $3,818 per year. The top one percent would see their taxes cut by $187,080 a year.  [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy;, 5/31/07]


  • In 2002, Burns said he supported NDCHealth buying his company TechRx despite the fact that he knew it could lead to layoffs in Western Pennsylvania. [Pittsburgh Business Times, 5/31/02]