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Jan 10, 2014

Millionaire Stewart Mills III Opens “Cash For Clunkers Headquarters,” Then Closes It

Green Bay Packers fan and millionaire Stewart Mills III emerged from hiding – briefly – to reports in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he sold millions of dollars worth of cars using stimulus money. As a candidate, Mills has opposed the stimulus.

“Millionaire Stewart Mills III has no problem taking government money for himself, but he won’t lift a finger to renew unemployment benefits for Minnesota families, or raise the minimum wage for hard-working families,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Millionaire Mills has made it clear he’s playing by a separate set of rules than the rest of us, and only looking out for himself.”

Mills’ excuse? He had no choice but to take the money. The Star Tribune reported: “Mills called the job stimulus program ‘another failed example of Washington, D.C., trying to legislate the free market.’ His family business only took part, he said, ‘in an effort to protect employees and our customer base.’”


Mills Said the Stimulus was a “Sugar High.” In 2014 Mills said, “The last round of tax spend and borrow stimulus which is nothing but one sugar high after another, negatively affected our part of Minnesota because we had none of the benefits from it, but yet we’re the ones that are going to have to pay the bills.” [Northern Alliance Radio Network with Mitch Berg, 1/4/14]

Mills Said Washington, D.C. and St. Paul have “Never Created a Job.” In 2013, Mills said, “…St. Paul has never created a job in its entire existence and Washington D.C. has never created a job in its entire existence. We don’t have big corporations up here, it’s going to be individuals that own businesses that are taxed at the personal rate that have the ability to do it” [Crow Wing County GOP 2nd Amendment Rally, 16:56, 7/20/13]

Mills Called Raising the Minimum Wage and Extending Unemployment Insurance an “Admission of Failure.” In 2014, Mills called raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment insurance s a “stunning admission of failure.” [Star Tribune, 1/9/14]

2009: Mills Automotive Called themselves the “Cash for Clunkers Headquarters.” In July 2009, Mills Automotive Group advertised themselves as the “Cash for Clunkers Headquarters!” on their YouTube page. [Mills Automotive YouTube, Uploaded 7/30/09]

  • Mills Sold $3.1 Million in Inventory with “Cash for Clunkers.” In 2009 and 2010 Mills Motor, Mills Auto Center and Mills Auto Enterprises sold $3,146,560 worth of cars based on the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) with the “Cash for Clunkers” program. [, accessed 11/6/13; Star Tribune, 1/9/14] 
  • Cash for Clunkers Created about 60,000 Jobs. According to the Congressional Research Service, because of Cash for Clunkers, “About 60,000 jobs were estimated to have been created in auto parts, assembly, and sales, and an estimated $7.8 billion added to U.S. Gross Domestic Product.” [Congressional Research Service, 3/3/10]