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Jun 18, 2008

Michele Bachmannís Election Year Gimmicks to Lower Gas Prices

Yesterday, we heard another "urban legend" from Michele Bachmann -- claiming that she has an energy plan that will cut the rate of gas to $2 within four years. According to the Energy Information Administration at the Department of Energy, if we start drilling immediately in ANWR, it is projected to increase domestic crude oil production starting in 2018 - 10 years from now.


The last urban legend we heard from Michele Bachmann was a few weeks ago when she made a bogus claim that China was drilling off the coast of Florida. McClatchy later reported that the claim was untrue. Even Republican Senator Mel Martinez, a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, stated that "Any talk of using some fabricated Cuba-China connection as an argument to change U.S. policy has no merit."  He also said, "Reports to the contrary are simply false. They are akin to urban legends." [Miami Herald, 6/12/08]


"Michele Bachmann will say anything to get reelected," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Since President Bush took office seven years ago, gas prices have spiked from $1.42 to $4.08, a 287 percent increase.  Michele Bachmann is full of election year gimmicks - claiming that China is drilling off the coast of Florida and now misleading Minnesota families into believing that drilling in ANWR will reduce the cost of gasoline.  Michele Bachman's ‘plan' to reduce gas prices is certainly entertaining but her political stunts won't do anything to help Minnesota families struggling to afford $3.93 a gallon at the pump."




  • Vice President Dick Cheney, in a speech last Wednesday to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce quoted a column by George Will, who wrote last week that "drilling is under way 60 miles off Florida. The drilling is being done by China, in cooperation with Cuba, which is drilling closer to South Florida than U.S. companies are." [Miami Herald, 6/12/08]  


  • Cheney's office said in a statement to The Associated Press that the vice president had erred. "It is our understanding that, although Cuba has leased out exploration blocks 60 miles off the coast of southern Florida, which is closer than American firms are allowed to operate in that area, no Chinese firm is drilling there," according to the statement.  [Associated Press State and Local Wire, 6/13/08]


  • According to AAA Fuel Gauge Report Gas in Minnesota averaged $3.93 a gallon for a regular gallon of gas.  The national average is $4.08 for a gallon of regular. [Fuel Gauge Report]