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Aug 01, 2013

Mia Love’s Me-First Vision: Take Student Loans, Eliminate Them for Everyone Else

The recent House vote on student loans comes nearly a year after failed candidate Mia Love caught heat in Utah media for her plan to eliminate the student aid from which she personally benefited.

“Mia Love took thousands of dollars in student loans, and now that she got hers, she wants to end all student aid, like student loans,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Mia Love's willingness to take away opportunities for Utah students and families after benefitting from loans for her own education is a stunning hypocrisy by any measure.”


Love “Would End Subsidized College Loans Like Those She Used Herself When She Earned Her Degree.” In 2012, the Salt-Lake Tribune reported that Love “would end subsidized college loans like those she used herself when she earned her degree, and eliminate funds like those that were spent in the city she oversees as mayor, aimed at preventing homelessness.” [Salt Lake Tribune, 9/06/12]

  • 2013: Love Owes Between $15,000 and $50,000 in Student Loans. According to Love’s 2013 personal financial disclosure, she holds between $15,000 and $50,000 in student loan liabilities to Mohela incurred in May 1997. [Personal Financial Disclosure, 5/13/13]