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May 13, 2014

MEMO: WV Dems Poised to Run Winning Races In Every Congressional District

TO: Interested Parties

FR: DCCC Communications

DT: May 13, 2014

RE: WV Dems Poised to Run Winning Races In Every Congressional District 

For the first time in years, West Virginia Democrats are entering the general election season poised to run winning races in every district in the state.  

These West Virginia Democrats are running on a brand of commonsense independence, a commitment to growing the economy for everyone and proven records of standing up for West Virginia’s way of life. In contrast, their opponents have already shown they are not on the side of West Virginia’s working families – pushing a reckless agenda that prioritizes billionaires, corporations that ship jobs overseas and shadowy special interests at the expense of hardworking West Virginia families.

Entering the general election, here’s the state of the races in West Virginia.

WV-03: West Virginians Sticking With Representative Nick Rahall

Representative Nick Rahall is beloved by West Virginians for his consistent record of fighting for West Virginia’s way of life: standing up for coal workers, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and standing up to anyone in Washington who would hurt working families.  

While out-of-state billionaires have wasted more than $1 million dollars targeting Representative Rahall with deceptive ads, West Virginians aren’t buying the lies these New York City billionaires are peddling – with two recent polls showing Representative Rahall leading Jenkins by 9 points and 12 points. The Charleston Gazette said it best: “The big money players trying to defeat Rahall don’t care about the lives and health of West Virginians. Congressman Rahall does.”

There’s a simple explanation why these out-of state billionaires are propping up Evan Jenkins – they know he’ll push their reckless agenda in Washington and help them profit off West Virginia workers. Jenkins has already made it clear he’d be a perfect, spineless puppet: he was for the Affordable Care Act before he was against it, voted against raising the minimum wage and would even make it harder for miners and their survivors to get black lung benefits.

Meanwhile, everyday West Virginians are making their feelings heard loud and clear: holding “Stand with Nick” rallies across the district in an early signal of the campaign’s grassroots strength.  

WV-02: Vicious Republican Primary Sets Stage for Democratic Victory

Congresswoman Capito’s Senate run created “chaos and uncertainty,” as a field of seven “underwhelming” candidates fought it out in a divisive and expensive primary. The Intelligencer wrote that Republican infighting delivered “a self-inflicted shot in the foot in the Second District,” while Roll Call wrote that “Observers from both parties agreed: This seat is in play for Democrats, and it shouldn’t be.”

Republicans have now nominated their worst possible candidate: Alex “Maryland” Mooney. An out-of-state carpetbagger whose campaign is being funded by D.C. special interests, Mooney has already taken heat in the primary for callously district-shopping to advance his political ambitions.

The primary has dragged Maryland Mooney far out of step from mainstream West Virginia values. Maryland Mooney admitted he supports privatizing Social Security and Medicare, forcing seniors to gamble with their retirement on the stock market. And Maryland Mooney even endorsed the Republican budget that would end the Medicare guarantee for seniors, raise taxes on working families and make it harder for miners to receive black lung benefits – all to give more money to the wealthiest few and mega-corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Democrats are united behind native West Virginian Nick Casey – a CPA who’s known for being tight with a buck and is running on a record of commonsense independence and a commitment to bringing folks together to solve problems.

WV-01: Auditor Glen Gainer, A Strong Candidate With Record of Cutting Wasteful Spending

After two terms too long in Washington, Congressman David McKinley is doing nothing but contributing to the gridlock that is hurting West Virginians. McKinley’s actions in Washington speak louder than his words at home. He voted 16 times to keep the government shut down and take billions out of the economy while jeopardizing West Virginia seniors’ Social Security checks, military pay and care for miners suffering from black lung. Congressman McKinley also sided with special interests instead of West Virginia middle class families when he voted against raising the minimum wage for hardworking West Virginians.  


Congressman McKinley’s record of dysfunction stands in stark contrast to trusted fiscal watchdog Glen Gainer, who has devoted his career to cutting wasteful spending and making government do more with less. Auditor Gainer will bring West Virginia’s values of commonsense, results-oriented leadership to Washington.