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Feb 19, 2014

MEMO: With Less Than 3 Weeks, Even Republicans Rejecting Special Interest Lobbyist David Jolly

TO: Interested Parties

FR: DCCC Communications

RE: With Less Than 3 Weeks, Even Republicans Rejecting Special Interest Lobbyist David Jolly

DT: February 19, 2014

In the final weeks of the campaign for Florida’s 13th congressional district, polling shows that Alex Sink continues to appeal to voters of all stripes, while Lobbyist David Jolly is losing support even from his own party. St. Leo University wrote that Jolly is “leaking Republican voters” while a Tampa Bay Times/WUSF/Bay News 9 Poll shows Alex Sink drawing more crossover support from Republicans than Jolly takes from Democrats (16 percent to 8 percent), and even profiled a registered Republican who is refusing to vote for Jolly.

Here’s why:   

Pinellas Seniors, Veterans Don’t Trust Lobbyist David Jolly.

Lobbyist Jolly’s agenda is alienating two key Pinellas groups: seniors and veterans, who Jolly would put at risk.

Jolly was paid almost a hundred thousand dollars to lobby on issues like Social Security reform for a radical millionaire (and his current campaign finance co-chair) who supports privatizing Social Security – forcing seniors to gamble with their retirement on the stock market. Jolly’s benefactor even called the Social Security Trust Fund a “Ponzi scheme.” That’s why it’s no surprise Jolly is still saying “Social Security is not guaranteed,” and that privatization should “be on the table.”

Lobbyist Jolly also praised the Ryan Budget that would turn Medicare into a costly voucher program – and Jolly’s radical repeal of the Affordable Care Act would bring back the Medicare prescription drug donut hole, forcing seniors to pay $1,200 more for their prescription drugs.

Lobbyist Jolly’s record on issues concerning veterans and military families is equally out of touch: praising a plan that increases veteran’s health costs by as much as 500 percent as “honest leadership.”

Lobbyist Jolly Is Not Telling the Truth

Just like a typical dishonest Lobbyist, Jolly is actively misleading residents of all parties about his record of putting special interests over Pinellas. On offshore oil drilling, “Jolly says he did not lobby for oil bill, despite document that says he did,” while PolitiFact called Jolly’s claim that he “never lobbied for offshore oil drilling” Mostly False.

Similarly, the Tampa Bay Times highlighted how a “report indicates Jolly lobbied for Social Security reform but he says he did not.”

The Tampa Bay Times’ Tim Nickens wrote that “His explanation that he did not lobby for the bill but overcomplied with disclosure laws sounds awfully convenient,” while The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote, “Overcomplying, eh? Sounds as if Jolly is overreaching.”

Even independent watchdogs have questioned the truthfulness of Jolly’s statements. Public Citizen Congress Watch Division Director Lisa Gilbert stated that “it would be extremely uncommon for any lobbyist to overreport what their work entailed,” and Lisa Rosenberg of the Sunlight Foundation said "I think he's trying to make a little revisionist history here…I have never heard of anyone saying I over-complied by reporting extra issues I'm not really advocating for. This is a new one to me.”

Too Far To The Right For Pinellas Republicans

In a district that moderate Republican Congressman Bill Young represented for generations, Lobbyist Jolly has sprinted to the right, aligning himself more closely with the Tea Party than with traditional Pinellas Republicans.

On the issues, Jolly is more in step with Rick Scott than Bill Young: supporting a total repeal of Roe v. Wade, opposing bipartisan immigration reform and opposing  marriage equality.

That’s why the Tampa Bay Times wrote that Jolly has “embraced the most conservative wing of the Republican Party,” has “rigid ideological positions,” and during the most recent debate “seemed to be making a Fox News audition tape.”

A Last-Choice Candidate, Even For Republicans.

Throughout this election, Pinellas Republican leaders haven’t been shy about voicing their disdain for Lobbyist David Jolly.  

In the final weeks of the election, David Jolly is turning off even Republicans, as they confront his record as a special interest lobbyist who would balance the budget on the backs of seniors, veterans and middle class families while protecting unfair tax breaks for corporations and the ultra-wealthy. Lobbyist Jolly is misleading voters about his special interest past, and has instead aligned himself with the most dysfunctional fringe of his own party – but against the interests of moderate, mainstream Pinellas Republicans. It’s just more proof that even Republicans simply do not trust a lobbyist like Jolly in Congress.