Campaign 2010

Mar 19, 2009

Meet the New Jim Tedisco. Same as the Old Jim Tedisco.

It took career Albany politician Jim Tedisco six days to flip on his pledge to do things differently by talking about the positive issues.  Yesterday, the same old Jim Tedisco launched yet another desperate and distorting attack ad, going back to his true career Albany politician roots.  Just like an Albany politician, the false claims in Tedisco's ad have already been discredited by the Albany Times Union.


"It's just like career Albany politician Jim Tedisco to pledge to run a positive issues based campaign only to break his promise six days later with desperate, false attacks," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "That's why voters are rejecting Tedisco and supporting businessman Scott Murphy who strongly backs President Obama's jobs and economic recovery act, which cuts middle class taxes and saves or creates 76,000 Upstate jobs."




  • Tedisco claimed he was taking control of his campaign and rejecting the national Republicans' attack ads. "Tedisco said going forward the content of his ads will be more positive with him making the decisions instead of the national party.  ‘We're going to run a 20th District campaign and talk about the positive issues, and leave the rest of the distortions to the other side,' he said." [Glen Falls Post Star, 3/13/09]


  • To date, the RNC has sent a total of $200,000 to the New York Republican State Committee.  They first sent $100,000 on the same day that Tedisco rejected national Republicans and their attacks.  The second $100,000 was sent the day after Tedisco finally announced his opposition to President Obama's recovery plan.  [, 3/17/09]


  • The conservative National Republican Trust PAC was forced to take down one of their misleading ads after they were unable to provide proper evidence to back up their attacks.  [Albany Times Union, 3/16/09]


  • The Washington Post reported that Tedisco launched another negative attack ad on Thursday.  [Washington Post, 3/18/09]   Tedisco's ad repeats misleading claims that have already been discredited.  [Albany Times Union, 3/3/09]


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