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Jul 25, 2014

Matt Doheny Resents Stefanik for Relying on Special Interests, Begrudgingly Endorses Her

Matt Doheny begrudgingly endorsed his primary foe Elise Stefanik at a press conference that she did not attend. But before Doheny made his less-than-enthusiastic endorsement, he shared his bitter resentment for how Elise Stefanik turned to the special interests and the billionaires bankrolling her campaign to seize the Republican nomination.  

“Matt Doheny was so bitter about how Elise Stefanik relied on special interests to win the Republican nomination that he didn’t even invite her to his press conference to endorse her,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Following his bitter remarks about Elise Stefanik’s special interest allies and the billionaires who are bankrolling her campaign, Matt Doheny begrudgingly endorsed her at a press conference in front of her office that she did not attend. If Matt Doheny made one thing clear today, it’s that he and his supporters won’t be enthusiastically rallying around Elise Stefanik any time soon.” 

The Truth About Elise Stefanik According to Matt Doheny:

“the definition of Washington insider”

“she is NOT a small businesswoman.”

“Elise's REAL home is in DC -- where she hosts politicians and lobbyists who control her.”

See for yourself:


Doheny Endorsed Stefanik in a Press Conference. On July 25th, Matt Doheny held a press conference in front of Elise Stefanik’s campaign headquarters in which he endorsed her candidacy. “I think we should give Elise a chance,” Doheny said. [Watertown Daily Times, 7/25/14]

Lamented PAC Spending in the NY-21 Congressional Race. In the same press conference, Doheny criticized PAC spending in the Republican primary in New York’s 21st Congressional District. He expressed his astonishment that outside groups spent “almost a million and a half dollars” in the primary. [Watertown Daily Times, 7/25/14]

Stefanik Received a $5,000 Campaign Contribution from KochPAC. In May 2014, Elise for Congress received a $5,000 contribution from Koch Industries Inc. PAC [, accessed 6/24/14]

American Crossroads Spent More Than $760,000 Opposing Matt Doheny. American Crossroads, founded by Karl Rove, has spent $764,081 on advertisements opposing Matt Doheny and boosting Elise Stefanik in the 2014 primary election for New York’s 21st congressional district. [Glens Falls Post-Star, 6/21/14]